A Mediocre Start

So, the original plan for 01/01/2012 was this:  catch a plane, arrive home by 5, put the babe to bed at 7, and then put the finishing touches on my list, publish it, and then sip hot cocoa by the fire etc.   Instead, we got to chillax in one airport for 7 hours, fly for 1, spend a couple more in a different airport, and then spend the night in a strange hotel with no clean socks or underwear.. or contact solution.  (What was I thinking?  Hello? travel-size toiletries?)  Luckily the 2nd day of 2012 has gone much smoother.  We’re all home, getting life in order, and I’m finally putting up my list.  So go check it out!!

And now some questions for dear blog-co-author Bethany:

  1. What’s first up?  We have approximately 31 weeks, so we better get movin’.
  2. What fun thing can we mutually check off when you come visit in February?  August and I could give you a circular saw lesson, followed by pedicures.

So excited!


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