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Okay, side story: From Bethany’s suggestion I went to check out Living Social, and they had a $99 deal for a “Brazilian Blowout”, regularly $350.  I had heard of this – a cure for frizzy, hard-to-manage hair.  Story of my life!  The reviews for this stuff are unbelievably good.  And I’m thinking, wow this would make a great “new hairstyle” for my list.  Seriously, was just getting excited, when I realized that the salon offering the deal didn’t have a website and wasn’t in the bestest neighborhood.  hmmmmm… Then I read that the treatment might be carcinogenic and my own salon has recently discontinued it b/c of the risk.  sigh……… oh well. I will just continue with my diffuser and my moderately frizzy head.

Bethany: I can’t believe you eat sushi?!?

Anyway I’m planning away over here.  One update:

20. Clean out closet and dresser

I decided this was too easy.  New goal: clean out and organize ALL the closets and drawers in the whole house.  Here is a baseline photo of *some* of them so you can see what we’re dealing with here.

What a mess.  Any tips for me, Mrs Organization?  Here’s a bulleted list for you, only because I love the little stars:

  • What do you do with 8 chapstick tubes?
  • How do you organize items that are so unique.. ie bananagrams, and outlet baby blockers, and the lint roller?
  • Doesn’t everyone have a drawer where they just stuff everything?
  • Can I get some photos of your organizational genius?  I’m a visual learner!!


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