Updates & Organization.

Today’s blog is not terribly exciting…but thought I owed you a progress update on what’s going on in my list-accomplishing world.

  •  1/2 marathon & weight loss – I’ve been so dedicated to my running and I’m terribly proud of it.  I’m 11 days in now….and I’ve run 9 of those days!  Last week my total mileage for the week was 18.16 miles and so far this week I’m at 5.56.  Not to shabby for a girl who is typically pretty flaky when it comes to working out.  In the weight-loss department there isn’t much to report…I was only down 1 lb. on my weekly weigh-in at the start of this week….but I’ve been hugely successful in altering my eating habits to healthier ones and my clothes fit better, so I’m chalking it up to muscle-building and not complaining.  And to anyone out there who is trying to get fit this year, might I recommend MyFitnessPal  They have both a website and an iPhone ap and it’s a super-easy way to keep a journal of your caloric intake and exercise to help keep you on track.  I couldn’t do this without it.
  • nail biting – I’ve gone FIVE ENTIRE DAYS now without biting my nails.  This is epic.  I plan on rewarding myself by cashing in my Groupon on January 19th and getting a manicure.  Can. Not. Wait.
  • book reading – I’m on chapter 5 of my book for this month and totally enjoying it.  I’ll give an entire post about it when I finish.

So if you head over to my list…you’ll find two new goals have been added today.  (Now I’m only 8 shy of having my list completed.)   The new goals are…..

21. Learn Bach’s Concerto No.2 in E Major
22. Memorize the book of James

I’m pretty pumped about both of them and I’ll do posts on them soon no doubt.


I’m cracking up at your Groupon story.  You for sure have to check out the places (and sometimes what they are offering!) before you buy.  So very glad that you didn’t spend money on frying your hair!  And yes!  I love sushi!  (well, minus the sauces of course.) Crazy, right?

As far as your organizing woes go, here are a few tips for you.

My absolute favorite place for buying drawer organizing stuff is TJ Maxx or TJ Maxx Homegoods.  Almost all of my drawers have organizers that have come from there…they have these great fabric covered (usually in some bright paisley print) organizers that usually have either 3 spaces or smaller ones that are intended for jewelry and lots of small spaces.  Generally they cost under $10 each.  If you are looking for a really cheap way to organize, ice-cube trays can be good for jewelry or small things like batteries and buttons and a regular old silverware organizer can be handy for “junk drawers” that hold things like pens and pencils, small flashlights, screw drivers, lint rollers and office supplies.  I’m also obsessed with using mason jars to hold things like picture hanging hooks, nails, screws, ribbon, etc. etc.  They look cool and you can store them on shelves out in the open as functional decor.  I also like to have lots of covered bins around the house that I can use to just stash things in.  I just bought a few of  these awesome bins at IKEA in Atlanta over Christmas break (They come in several sizes).  They look great on bookshelves or on the floor next to a chair (I have one next to my piano hiding all my sheet music) and are completely functional.  They have some great similar ones at Target and The Container Store as well.  Hope that’s helpful!

Oh, and as far as the 8 chapstick tubes go….

a) check them all to see if they are all still good and chunk any dried up ones! And if you still have 8 at the end of it……

b) stick one in baby’s diaper bag….one in the pocket of your ski jacket….one in your car glove compartment…one in your purse/laptop bag…one in the glove compartment of husband’s truck…one in the kitchen junk drawer….and one in each bathroom drawer.  Ta-da!  Chapstick anytime you need it!  🙂


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2 responses to “Updates & Organization.”

  1. Laura Pickard says :

    Might I suggest a manicure upgrade (most places will let you if they offer it) to shellac nail gel. Just like polish. Doesn’t take any longer to do, and it is hard like acrylic but is just a polish and doesn’t harm your nails. Genius for us nail biters out there. You may know about it, but it really has done wonders for me!

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    This is awesome! I have never heard of this but will absolutely ask about it when i go. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’ll do anything to kick this thing at this point. So tired of having tiny ugly fingernails. Glad to know I’m in good company.

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