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6. Take ballroom dancing lessons

Guess what?!? I registered for swing dance lessons for husband and I at the local rec center.  They start in one week.  AAAAH!!  What’s scary, you ask?  Well, its quite simple:

My husband is a better dancer than me.  Case in point:

Oh he’s not even drinking either.  White boy just likes to dance.  And yes there’s a big circle of people around.

Anyway, back to the dance class. Teacher’s gonna be all “Oh you must have taken lessons before?”  “Oh can you help me demonstrate this?”  “You should be in my advanced swing class”.  I know it.  I’ll be the one she’s telling to “be lighter in the feet”.

However. I’ve seen enough “Dancing with the Stars”.  If Bristol Palin can dance a jive, well then so can I.  Just like this.

Does that just make you all so happy?

Other progress:

Bethany, the organizational tips were actually really helpful.  And I have a tjmaxx gift card!  Will go this weekend.  And to the library.  And I’m going to make my first batch of cinnamon rolls.  So, look for a big fat update post next week.

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