Foto Friday – Episode 1

Bethany and I have a long and storied friendship – since 1996.  I believe we met when we had just turned 14.  And so therefore, we have *many* photos that simply deserve to be shared.

So let me introduce you to our new recurring series: the Foto Friday.  Featuring: a photo, likely of both of us, and also likely embarrassing.  And we will include at least a bit of a back story, whenever there’s an entertaining one to share.  So here we go:

The year is 1998, and we are sweet sweet sixteen years old.  11th grade. We were both living in the same small town, although I had just transferred to a different high school.  The event was my high school’s “Winter Formal” – my first dress-up dance.  And horror of horrors, no one asked me to go!  Gasp!  Well, actually there is a convoluted backstory that only makes sense to the 16-year old brain:  I, not wanting to go to said dance with the one person who was going to ask me, fixed that same person up with my beautiful and fun friend from another school – Bethany!  And I went with a big fat girl group – a skaggle as some would say.

See?  That way Bethany could come to my dance even though she didn’t go to school there.  Duh.  And although my high school was probably a little low on the social coolness-scale, I think getting asked to formals at other schools was a rather lofty social achievement.  Congrats B!

Anyway here we all are.  Aren’t we fancy?

Note:  Obviously I had to label us in the picture because we have both grown up so much and I know none of you would be able to find us.  (except our moms – Hi moms!)  Also love:

  • the doorknob
  • the fabulous, Narnia-esque background
  • the athletic socks on the front row
  • the air of general awkwardness
  • And the fact that 4 of my 5 bridesmaids at my wedding, 9 years later, are there.  That’s a lot of love people!

And though I don’t really remember, I think we all had a great time.  I think we stayed until the very end.

Bethany: Am I forgetting anything entertaining?  Possibly a good awkward-date-with-awkward-person-you’d-never-even-seen-before story?

As a date-less member of a girl pack, I do remember scampering away from the dance floor for all the slow Sarah MacLachlan numbers.  Purposefully though, like I needed some punch!  Pronto!

Oh, and I kind of still like my dress.  If I had a more glamorous lifestyle, I would totally wear that again.  Not gonna rock it to the grocery store or to my engineering job though.  Probably would get some looks.



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