Foto Friday – Episode 2

Since I mentioned my bridesmaids’ in last week’s FFF post, I figured these photos were the next logical follow-up shots.  Four out of my five bridesmaids among the ladies at Winter Formal 1998.  The only one who wasn’t is my husband’s sister!  Aren’t they all lovely? I think we grew up quite well!

Anyways, have you ever read a bridesmaid horror story that started out “I had to wear a chartreuse dress!”  I have honestly read that story before. Yes, I was that bride!  Alas, I truly loved that color. In fact it still makes me quite happy.  Bonus: at least they were like, $40.  Because they were on clearance.  Because they were chartreuse, no doubt.

I have heard of them getting reused here and there, most notably by Bethany.  She once called me on Halloween and told me she was going to re-purpose hers as Tinkerbell costume.  Not sure if she really did that or not?  I like to think so.  And hopefully she ratted up the hemline a bit.  And wore glitter makeup.

Well Tinkerbell or no, this next shot was most definitely her idea.  I remember her saying “ok now make crazy faces” and none of us missed a beat, obviously. Check out that crazy eye action on B!! How in the heck?!?

So there ya have it.  Great wedding day memories.  One of my favorite parts of my wedding was being surrounded by dear friends (these and others!) who I rarely get to see. Such a blessing.

Have a great weekend, folk! Look for more embarrassing high school shots in the coming weeks!


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2 responses to “Foto Friday – Episode 2”

  1. andthentheywerethree says :

    hmmm, more embarrasing high school shots…dont know what to expect! Sweet blog, girls! Hannah

  2. maryhalljohnson says :

    No worries Hannah. Plenty more embarrassing shots of me, but I think you’re in the clear. 🙂

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