On getting old and technology

Hello blog!  Its just me this week.  Bethany is off floating in the ocean and getting a “tan”. I have a ton of ideas in my head though, so don’t worry about being neglected.

First up: Getting old and staying hip.

Do you ever think that one day you’ll wake up and realize the technology-wagon has completely passed you by?  Like, one minute you’re kickin’ it with your record player, and then by the next one, you’re wondering what the internet is.  I assume that’s what happened to my own grandparents.

I’m kidding about the staying hip part.  Who says hip anymore anyways?  But I’m a little serious about the need to make a concerted effort to keep up.  Its about having the best tools.  Otherwise I could miss out on some great stuff.  You know, I kinda resisted the smartphone trend.  Now I love it, of course, but that’s my case in point.  And I bet my granddad would’ve LOVED google-ing all of the following:  Civil War generals, bio-diesel, rarely issued coins, CSPAN, etc etc.  So much information!

So the concerted effort:  Kick myself whenever I think “oh kids these days”  (Twitter anyone?).  Don’t give up on something just because its confusing.

Here are a few new things that I am kind of learning:

  • Pinterest: Its like a virtual bulletin board where you “pin” ideas you have and  organize it all graphically.  I haven’t *quite* got the hang of it.  But I have come across an few great craft/recipe ideas from other people’s bulletin boards.
  • Spotify: If you listen to music of any type while using a computer, you need to try Spotify.  Its basically a huge collection of music that you can play at any time for free.  Want to hear a certain Van Morrison song about a jelly roll?  2 clicks, done.  The music collection is vast – Bob Dylan to Beyonce.  Want to hear the latest Glee album but don’t want to own it?  Bam, done.
  • WordPress:  Duh, this blog!  The layout, formatting, etc has turned out to be no small challenge.  What is an RSS feed?  I still don’t know.  I’m about to add a “follow me” button to the right hand side, which will allow you to get our updates via email?  I think?

So tell me, folks –  Anything new that you’re loving?  Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter? What about e-readers? There’s one I haven’t gotten into yet.

OOH.  And this all reminds me.  I guess I still have a myspace page floating around in cyberspace.  Should probably go shut that down.  I think we can safely say that the myspace era has passed.


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4 responses to “On getting old and technology”

  1. Kathy says :

    I LOVE my e-reader. =) I’ve had both a Kindle and an iPad, but I sold the Kindle and now use the Kindle app on my iPad.

  2. Meredith says :

    This blog cracks me up. I still like Pandora over Spotify. The Spotify commercials make me want to punch people in the face. The music is so bad on those.

    My favorite technology is my Roku box. We watch our Netflix, Hulu, and listen to Pandora on it. We don’t pay for cable and I love being able to pull up Sesame Street as fast as I possibly can.

    I hate e-readers. I refuse to buy one. I love everything about a book in print.

    I also don’t like Wikipedia. Just look how old and crotchety I am.

  3. Jean Sheffield says :

    If you are a voracious reader then investing in an e-reader is not a bad idea. I was running out of space to keep all my books and my bookshelves were overflowing (not to mention when you have to move, books are heavy!!) and my Kindle has solved all these problems.

  4. maryhalljohnson says :

    Yeah I think we’re gonna get an Ipad “for my kid”. ha ha.. Kinda waiting to see if they release a new version in the next few months though.

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