My Never Ending Hair Battle

My personal hair journey has been a long and winding one.  Long, short, wavy, straighten, frizzed out, tried ’em all!  It occurred to me that in 9th grade I had only three hairstyles:

  • down (just regular)
  • ponytail
  • pulled half-back

And now, at age 29.4, I have… exactly the same three general hairstyles!  Granted, I’ll give myself alittle bit of credit because the situation has improved overall since adolescence, drastically even.  (Check back for tomorrow’s Foto Friday and I will prove that to you.)  But still, its obviously time to shake things up a bit.

So #11 ended up on my list out of a realization that I need to put in a little more effort into the hair department.

11. Learn a new hairstyle

And now its crossed off!  I tried something new, worked at it just a *tiny* bit, and actually sported my new hairstyle to work one day.  I think that satisfies the requirements of the list.

Anywho, the style is called a “gibson tuck”, taken from a tutorial at Simply Stardust:

Gorgeous in an nice understated way, yes? Of course, with hair that color, who really cares how its styled.

My one modification was that I used spin pins instead of bobbypins. Get some of these. Fork out the $6.29 for two little pieces of metal.  Its worth it.

Here’s a crappy cellphone self-portrait as proof of the end result:

And for what its worth, it basically held all day long and induced absolutely no head-aches (common ponytail problem for me!).

p.s. wouldn’t earrings take this look even further?!? 🙂

And some other general updates:

  • I’ve got a very promising cinnamon roll recipe for the weekend.
  • I’ve tried some other “from scratch” type recipes which I promise to share ASAP.  One includes bacon and kale.
  • Husband and I have our 2nd dance lesson tomorrow night.
  • My mama’s comin’ to visit next week and that may induce a spontaneous pedicure, you never can tell.

That’s all for now, folks! Check back tomorrow because, in addition to Foto Friday, I think Bethany will be popping in with an update about GOING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.


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3 responses to “My Never Ending Hair Battle”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Ah! I’m truly impressed, M-H with your elegant new coif. A girl’s hair is, of course, her “crowning glory!” Be thankful for your thick tresses. Sign me “Fine and Flyaway!”

  2. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    I love new hairstyles! (obviously!) This is one of my favorites.

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