1. Visit a new country

I mean, it’s first on my list.  Why not have it be the first thing that I check off.  Officially.  Like not just finished “part” of it, but Check. It. Off. The. List.

Last week my sweet husband and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary!  The past two years have flown by and have been this wonderful flurry of memories!  We’ve gutted our built-in-1920 home, gone to Tahiti, Africa, Colorado and many other destinations, adopted a cat, researched our family history, seen a wide array of concerts, and also spent many hours curled up at home doing nerdy things like playing board games.  We highly recommend marriage.  It’s been a blast!

We both love to travel and were sure we wanted to celebrate two years with some sort of trip, so when husband’s brother said he and his wife were taking their two daughters on a cruise (which happened to be over our anniversary) we were excited to jump on board…(Get it? on board? it’s a cruise?)  (for the record, husband’s mom and stepdad booked the cruise as well so there were 8 of us total!  It was happy, hilarious chaos for sure!) It wasn’t until after I’d made my list that I realized one of the ports of call was a new country for me: Belize!

Although it would have been fun to see the actual city of Belize City, and tour some of the country itself, we opted for a more unique excursion during the afternoon we had to spend there: snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef!  Part of the 3rd longest reef system in the world, this reef is known for it’s amazing coral and our experience supported this 100%!  We were taken from the cruise ship on a catamaran out into the ocean where we docked at a private island and snorkeled the reef for close to an hour before sipping diet coke on the white sand and hunting for conch shells.  Because I know you’d much rather see photos than hear me ramble on about marine corals, here are two shots for ya….

A look back from our catamaran…we snorkled the reef around this mini island!

Yes, you do wish you were there.  haha.

However, what I didn’t realize at the beginning of the cruise was that I was sort of going to two new countries!  I went on a cruise a few years ago with friends and one of our ports of call was Cozumel.  What hadn’t occurred to me however was that Cozumel was an island so I’d never been to mainland Mexico!  The day after our snorkeling-the-reef adventure in Belize, we  had a port call in Cozumel, but this time we hopped off the ship and onto a waiting ferry to head to the mainland where we spent the day at an amazing park on the Mayan Riviera called Xel-ha (a must-see for any Mexican vacation for sure!) which means “brackish water” in Mayan.  We had an amazing time snorkeling, tubing the lazy river, eating fresh guacamole at the all-you-can-eat-inclusive restaurant and seeing the rescued/rehabilitated manatees lounge in their cushy habitat.

                                 My gateway to mainland Mexico and the Mayan Riviera!

My niece and I proudly sporting sombreros as we stand on actual, mainland Mexican soil! 🙂

So there you have it.  A checkmark.  Fantastic travels. Photos that prove i’m much cuter now than I was in 9th grade.

Speaking of: props to MH for knocking it out of the park this week!  It was so much fun to settle down on the airplane and read all about what I’d missed in the world of turning 30!  I’m planning on doing an update post in the next day or two so you’ll get lots of commentary on the Foto Friday installments then!

Where have you traveled lately?  What is your favorite place to go that you think I should visit?  What country would you choose to see if you could pick any country you wanted?

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  1. maryhalljohnson says :

    Note to self: Jealousy is sinful and unladylike!! 🙂 Looks like a great trip Bethany! Aside from answering your questions with “any beach in the entire world” (I think I have cabin fever), I would pick Sweden as my next country to hit up, for several reasons including a very-pregnant dear friend, and that hotel built out of nothing but ice: http://www.icehotel.com/

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