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6. Take ballroom dancing lessons

There’s so much going on in my life, list-related and otherwise, that I completely forgot to post this.  #6 is finished.  My husband and I have completed a 5-hour class in “East Coast Swing”.  It was an experience for sure.  I think my expectations might have been a teensy bit inflated, due to watching too much Dancing With the Stars, I suppose.  Thus I’m so not posting any videos of us just yet.  (This blog is for posting OLD embarrassing stuff, not NEW.)  But it was fun.
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From Kenya, with Hope.

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” (Lamentations 3:24 ESV)

The past few days in Kenya have been emotionally exhausting.

I’ve sat in the sweltering heat under the tin roof of mother of five who asked for prayers for hope…her husband left about 6 months ago when she found out that she and her youngest two children, ages five and 18 months, were Read More…

Foto Friday – Episode 7

Dear Readers,

Its that time again!  Today’s photo doesn’t even need words.

But I like to call it:

“Mary-Hall and Bethany use their sweet and gracious natures to carry a REALLY HEAVY box.”

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February Book Review: Kisses from Katie

Since Bethany is in Africa this week, its perfect timing for me to post my February book review.  The book is titled Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis.  Katie started and runs Amazima Ministries in Uganda.  It took me nearly three weeks to read, not because its long, but you can’t just skim through it.  I found myself needing to let each chapter sink in a bit before moving on to the next one.

Katie has a blog, similarly titled: Kisses from Katie.  I can’t remember how I came across it, probably a year ago or so.  But since then, I’ve noticed it referenced by various friends on Facebook.  Katie’s from Nashville (its the center of the universe, apparently), so there is the southern connection, but I think most people who happen across her will find her story fascinating.  Read More…

2. Cook for an entire week from scratch

My #2 is officially checked off the list.  We all survived, and I don’t think anyone lost any weight including my toddler.  Although he wasn’t particularly happy.

I put this on my list out of a general feeling that I was “slacking” in the kitchen department.  In the weeks since we kicked off this challenge, I’ve been gradually trying new recipes, new vegetables, new techniques.  I actually didn’t think going the whole week would be too hard.  And in the end, in some way it wasn’t.  But in some ways it was actually kind of hard.

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Notes on Our Compassion Experience

While we’re on the subject of Compassion, I wanted to chime in with a few words about our experience.  Bethany and her husband are obviously very involved in the ministry, but my perspective is just your “average everyday” sponsor.  Hopefully I can explain a little bit of the how and why’s.

Why we decided to sponsor

I can’t remember when I heard about Compassion the first time, Read More…


So I’m traveling again this week.  But this time it’s not to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday.  This time I’m going halfway around the world to a place where a bit of my heart lives to see a girl named Rukia.


I started sponsoring Rukia through Compassion International a little over three years ago and it has been amazing Read More…

Foto Friday – Episode 6

In the spirit of love that surrounds Valentine’s Day, I present to you… this week’s Fabulous Foto!!

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Runnin’ Runnin’……

Disclaimer: This post is kind of long.  So for those of you who don’t care anything about running…I decided to start this post off with some awesome old photos for your enjoyment.  And then you can scroll past the entire rest of the post.  🙂  If you want to know more about my journey to become a runner, then by all means…read on!  I hope that I inspire someone else to get out on the road!

My dad, circa 1984 ish, with my brother Michael, sister Marcia and me (the little squirt in the yellow shirt) after various races.

(you can click on the photo for a larger version)  I love these photos.  They inspire me.  Read More…

Chicken in Lemon Sauce

Mmmmm.  So last night, since it was Valentine’s Day my Half-Birthday, I decided I had a good excuse to try out a new recipe.  And while I’m no Mary-Hall going all Little House On The Prairie, if you remember, I did set a goal to cook one new recipe every month.  The clock was ticking because I hadn’t cooked one this month, and I’m leaving town Sunday for the remainder of the month of February (more on that later! ooh the suspense!) so it was kind of now or never. I’m happy to say there is now one more X on my list. Read More…

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