A real-nail biter

Today marks the official one-month anniversary of the last time I bit my nails.  Yes, folks…you read that correctly! This girl hasn’t bitten her fingernails in an ENTIRE MONTH!  Excited? You bet!  Although I haven’t cashed in that Living Social mani/pedi i told you about, I did get a manicure before our anniversary cruise two weeks ago (thanks to my friend and fellow reformed nail-biter Laura P. for the tip on shellac polish!  It worked wonders) and I’m sporting some pretty nice claws, if I do say so myself. Being a violinist by trade, I’ll never be able to have super-long-fancy-dancy fingernails, but I’m pretty satisfied with how they’ve grown (thanks in possible part to the “hair skin and nails” vitamins that I’ve been taking when I remember to) and I’m pumped about keeping them this manageable tidy length.  Forever.

How’d I do it?  I’ve tried it all in the past (I’ve been a nail-biter since about age 4): Sally Hansen’s “Nail Biter” paint-on-yucky-tasting-polish (that only impedes one’s ability to eat finger foods), stress relieving exercises, reminding myself daily of all the gross stuff we touch and how it ends up in my mouth when I bite my nails, getting fake nail applied….I’ve tried everything short of acupuncture and hypnosis.  This time, all it took was sheer willpower (I literally woke up on January 4th and thought…”I’m doing this…starting today”).  I took it day by day, aided by whatever self-discipline bug I’ve already been bitten by since the new year started. I also reminded myself that I’d put that goal out there on the internet for all you folks to see, and I’d have to answer for it if I didn’t conquer it.  (So next time you see me, ask to see my hands….keep me accountable folks!)

So I’m going to go ahead and check #12 off my list.  I figure a whole month is pretty habit forming.  I’m going the distance.

Question: Without getting TOO personal (this is a public blog here, remember folks) what bad habit have you kicked?  How’d you do it?


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2 responses to “A real-nail biter”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    SERIOUS CONGRATULATIONS! Hmm, not sure I’ve kicked any bad habits, but have gotten INTO the habit of playing guitar nearly every day since I began last summer. Have probably only missed 6 or 8 days since July. Of course, I get so much pleasure from it, it doesn’t really take much in the way of self discipline, but does forming a “good” habit count? 🙂

  2. maryhalljohnson says :

    Wow, I am so proud of you! Having witnessed a couple of your previous attempts, I can vouch to the internet that this is a huge deal! Congrats!!

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