Well, obviously Bethany is killin’ it over here.  I suspect she even has another post up her sleeve and so I just wanted sneak one in.  Unfortunately I don’t have much progress to report.  In fact I feel a bit of a subconscious deer-in-headlights feeling related to my list items.  I’ve hit a wall.  Let’s blame the “wall” on it being snowy and cold here in Colorado.

This is me and my family and our weird, faceless snowman on Friday, right after we got 18″ or so.  The picture is kinda blurry because my dad took it from inside the house.  I guess he didn’t want to deal with the cold.

So while we wait for warmer weather, I’m dreaming of our much anticipated vacation coming this July.  To here:

Sigh… Yes, its called “Couples”. At first the name made me gag a little.  But then I went to the website and got over it real fast.  And after all, its appropriate because my husband and I are going with three other couples. And my son is going to stay with his grandparents. Wahoo!!  And this is how I will check of my item #14 – Go to a Caribbean island.

So. What to wear, what to wear… I noticed Target already has bathing suits out. aaagh

I digress, but I’m also dreaming about, oh, 6 other things that I can’t “reveal” just yet.  So.. maybe I should go tie myself to the treadmill and do my dreaming from there.

ha ha yeah right.

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