One thing you need to know about my husband is that the man is quite the world traveler.  I won’t embarrass him by giving you the stats, but  he travels a good deal for work and enjoys spending his free time traveling, so between vacations and vo-cations (see how I did that play-on words?) he’s been almost everywhere.  Six days ago, Hubs had a milestone birthday.  The sort that ends in a “0,” so I decided that a surprise was in order.  Since he’s not into parties, a trip was the obvious choice.  I’ve done little things to surprise him before like completing some sort of organizational project while he was out-of-town or folding his laundry, but nothing monumental.  And certainly nothing travel related. (I say all this to help you understand that planning a surprise trip to a city that he’s never been is a task of epic proportions.)  And ladies and gentlemen, I pulled it off. So last week, we headed out on a 3 day, 2 night get-away in The Big Easy (New Orleans).  Possibly the only city in the USA that I’ve visited that husband hadn’t.

Thanks to the Delta frequent flier miles that I’ve been stockpiling and the Hilton Honors points that Hubs racks up when he travels, I booked flights and a hotel room entirely on reward points.  We stayed at the lovely Roosevelt Hotel just off Canal Street near the French Quarter so we could walk just about anywhere we went (although we did call a cab for our trip to Emeril’s for dinner because it was drizzly and I wanted to wear some cute heels).  I’d planned a pretty fun itinerary for our time there that included lots of walking around the quarter to visit all the quirky shops and art galleries, beignets at the famous Cafe du Monde, the aforementioned dinner at Emeril’s, jazz music by the Survivors Brass Band at Preservation Hall (probably our favorite two hours of the trip) and a carriage tour in a mule-drawn carriage.  We also stumbled across this fabulous cafe called Cafe Amelie (where strangely enough, our waitress looked like the main character in the French flick “Amelie“) where we had official Birthday lunch before hopping on the St. Charles streetcar and doing a little low-budget sightseeing in the Garden District and Tulane University areas.

Since I know everyone really likes photos better than descriptions, here are a few snapshots from the trip for your viewing pleasure.  I took the mediocre photos, and husband took the good ones.  🙂

Our lovely hotel

Cafe Amelie

Our carriage tour carriage

The St. Charles Street car

Me with one of the many street performers in the French Quarter

Beignets from Cafe du Monde. Yummy!

St. Louis Cathedral & Jackson Square

So I’m thinking I can officially cross off another item on the list: 15. Surprise my husband (somehow) which means I have 3 items crossed off!  And while we’re crossing things off, since this is my 12th blog post, I’m going to go ahead and cross off a 4th item, 17. Blog more regularly.  I think I’ve written more blogs since January 1st than I have in the past 5 years added together so I’m calling it a win.  And while I’m checking things off, I’ve forgotten to mention that while we were on the cruise I tasted pimento cheese spread for the first time so I’m putting my first X next to 16. Taste 8 new foods (one a month).  (For the record, I didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it.  Don’t know that I’d ever specifically seek it out, but if I end up a finger foods occasion, I could totally manage a pimento cheese spread sandwich if need be.)

Question: And because its WAY more fun for MH and I when you readers get involved and leave us comments, today I want to know about your surprises!  Have you ever planned a surprise for your spouse or friend or family member?  Been surprised yourself?   I’d love to hear all about it!

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6 responses to “N’awlins”

  1. Whitney says :

    Love that you were able to surprise your husband! And in the NO at that! Ive surprised my then boyfriend now husband with a trip to Hot Springs, AR just because. I think that’s how I “hooked” him 😉

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Whit –
      A) your picture is gorgeous and I miss you.
      B) they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but i think it’s through surprise trips. 🙂

  2. Natalie says :

    Bethany…we think alike…for my husbands 30th birthday I too surprised him with a trip to the big easy. Except instead of flyer miles I bought 2 nights 3 days off eBay for 40$! I was pumped. We stayed at the Astor crowne plaza on the corner of canal and bourbon. We rode the street car too and walked the entire park across from Tulane on the other side of it was the zoo! During that walk we saw the taping of miley Cyrus’ movie and was asked to witness a wedding! It was a fun weekend!!

    • Bethany says :

      That’s awesome!! That sounds like such a fun trip! (And I’m impressed with your travel deal! That’s amazing! I’ve never thought of buying travel off eBay! well done!) We didn’t get to go to the Zoo or get asked to witness a wedding, but we DID get to see some filming…an episode of “Treme” and a new Harrison Ford movie called “Now You See Me” (unfortunately we did not see any actual action or Harrison Ford…just lots of camera crew folk, blocked off streets, equipment trucks and a bathroom trailer.” I love that we had the same idea!

  3. Momma Daniel says :

    Okay, here are two surprise trips – but YOU KNOW about ONE of them, because YOU TOOK ME out to a wonderful little Japanese hibachi-style restaurant in Tuscaloosa way back when you were, maybe in your first year of college. It poured a blinding rain, but you managed to find our way there, and I believe we have a pretty cute picture of the two of us from that evening.

    ANOTHER surprise trip was when Daddy took me up to Sherman, TX – and bought me a horse!

    Uh oh, I guess that means I’d better figure out some places to take you guys for a surprise.

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