6 Month Warning!

Today is 2/9/2012 so that means I have exactly six months till my 30th birthday.  Yikes!  So for the record, I’m going to document my progress on all 30 list items.  Here goes:

 Goal Progress
1. Make cinnamon rolls 2/3 done! I plan to try one more recipe.
2. Cook for an entire week
from scratch
Currently collecting recipes, but planning to go for it in the next few weeks
3. Grow vegetable garden Woah, totally forgot about this one. Its not safe to plant until past 5/15 here in CO so I’ve got some time.
4. Crochet this one pattern Have yarn and pattern, have just barely started.
5. Sew an apron Haven’t found the perfect pattern yet
6. Take ballroom dancing lessons. We’re taking an “east coast swing” class and have completed 2 of 5.
7. Figure out how to make my camera focus I have a tentative plan to take 30 pictures in 30 days but I’m not quite ready to commit to that yet.
8. Read one book per month February book is underway
9. Get a pedicure Scoping out groupon deals looking for a 2-for-1 or something
10. Wear eyeliner Hmm scary
11. New hairstyle I’ve rocked the “gibson tuck” a couple of times now.
12. Get ears pierced. Currently psyching myself up for this one.
13. Figure out what kind of wine I like This should be fun.
14. Go to Caribbean island. Trip is scheduled for July.
15. Weekend trip to Moab. April would be the best time for this.
16. Take the train to somewhere. Wonder if we can take the train to Moab?
17. Take Ransom to Children’s Museum. pssssh.. this was an easy one.
18. Finish reading all the way through the Bible. I’m in Habbakuk.
19. Hang up family photos. I have this idea to hang a bunch of old family photos on one wall.  The main thing holding me back is the high cost of framing stuff!
20. Clean out closets, dressers, drawers, etc. I’m making progress on this one.  Its so nice to open a drawer and not have something jump out at you.
21. Finish upholstering couch. DONE DONE DONE
22. Go snowshoeing. The main hold up here is childcare.  And not really wanting to leave Ransom for a whole Saturday…
23. Make a life list. OH! I started this. I should post it.
24. List something on Etsy. Been strategizing on this one too.
25. Write a children’s book. So, I have this one idea for a children’s book.  But I’m thinking about taking this list item in a different direction.  OOOH the suspense!!
26. Learn to play Wagon Wheel. I been practicin’ folks.  I can play the intro.  Starting to work on the verse now.
30. Start a new blog. uh, this one is done too. duh.

Obviously I need to fill out 27-29 ASAP.  So, to celebrate my 29.5 year birthday today, let’s roll out #27:

Go to the dentist.

Ugh.  It needs to be done though.  I can’t believe I just wrote that.  You have no idea how excited my husband will be about this.

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4 responses to “6 Month Warning!”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    I will take you to get your ears pierced…I know just the guy in Longmont. Seriously. 😉

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    Re: #19 – Ask Bethany about this – she did a wall el-cheap-o and it looks FAB-U-LO-SO!

    Re: #23 – Are you talking Birdwatching??? I have a Life List. The Audubon and Peterson Bird books are both great – one of photos; the other other drawings.

  3. Momma Daniel says :

    Oh, and Re: #26 – If you’re able to get Bluegrass Junction (Sirius XM radio), they have something called the Sunday Banjo Lesson that you might enjoy.

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