Foto Friday – Episode 5

Since we’re in the business of celebrating half-birthdays right about now, I decided to post this picture of me and Bethany on our 21st birthday(approximately).  After all, nothing says “I just turned 21!” like getting your portrait made at Wal-mart.

We were roommates at the time and I don’t know who’s awesome idea it was.. but Wal-mart was right down the road.  And we got about a gazillion copies of this one shot for like, $6.99.  Bargain! And I still have a whole bunch of them, because who exactly do you give a photo like this to?  Besides Grandma…

So, I know what you’re thinking – why are we so close together??  Well, because the photographer made us, because the backdrop was sized for children and babies, not 21-year old women.  True hilarity:  “ok lean in.. ok lean in a little more… little more”.  I think our heads were touching.  So classy.



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