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At the risk of copy-cat-ing my dear co-blogger who long ago announced her plans to read through the entire Bible, I’ve added another item to my list. It’s actually something I’ve already been doing, and it’s such a big commitment, that I decided it needed to be a list item.

25. Read up through Luke 13 OR finish reading the entire Bible

Why Luke 13 you ask?  What’s the magic system for determining that chapter of the Bible?  There is a method to my madness I promise.

When you travel as much as husband and I BOTH do for our respective jobs (hubs works for a Christian non-profit and I play violin and do admin for a singer/songwriter/worshipleader guy in case you were wondering), it means that we don’t often get to do the sort of things that other couples might do together.  Like attend Sunday morning church services or join a couples Bible study or Sunday School class.  So last fall we decided to find something that we COULD do together to help sustain us during those busy months of travel.  Hubs found this awesome application at the Apple Ap store that you can download to an iPhone or iPad called “YouVersion.”  (Which also happily has a website version for all you non-iPhone user folk out there.)  It has tons of different translations available so you can read along no matter if you like the NIV, the King James, or the Message…or if you speak Spanish, French or Cantonese.  I think there are other equally awesome sites out there with similar features like but we chose YouVersion because of the ap.  Anyway.  We started the “read the Bible through in a year” reading plan (aka the “Canonical” plan) last October 18th.  The plan tells you exactly what you have to read for the day and then checks it off after you read it.  It’s totally foolproof.  Hubs and I love that even if one of us was gone, we were still reading the same thing each day, and we could talk about it.  Simple enough, right?

Here’s the thing though.  Life happens.  And while you typically only read 2 or 3 chapters a day, it’s easy to suddenly find yourself a few days behind.  or 13.  Which is how many days behind I am right now.  Which is why I’m adding this to the LIST.  I need accountability.  So that’s why my goal seems so weird.  My deadline to finish my list is August 14…and Luke 12 & 13 are the reading assignment for that day.  So basically, all I’m shooting for is to stay on track.  However, since I’ll be well into the new testament and only about 2 months shy of reading the entire Bible (my finish date is October 16) I might just try to finish it by the 14th.  The end of the Bible has all those little epistles like Philemon, so it might not be too hard to just finish the rest.  But then, I’d also like to keep on track with hubs, so I may just decide to only stay on track to through Luke 13 and not get ahead.  I’ll keep you posted.

Question: Have you ever read through the entire Bible?  Did you use a reading plan or just go for it?

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  1. Momma Daniel says :

    The short answer to the first part of the question is Yes, and I believe I DID use a plan that was, like, printed on the back of a Sunday School quarterly or something. But I’m sure there are some passages that I’ve only read once, while there are many other chapters that I’ve read more times than I could count. Be prepared, however – as you read, you may find yourself pondering a point, researching it, and then find that you’re behind again, because you spent so much time on one passage (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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