6. Take ballroom dancing lessons

There’s so much going on in my life, list-related and otherwise, that I completely forgot to post this.  #6 is finished.  My husband and I have completed a 5-hour class in “East Coast Swing”.  It was an experience for sure.  I think my expectations might have been a teensy bit inflated, due to watching too much Dancing With the Stars, I suppose.  Thus I’m so not posting any videos of us just yet.  (This blog is for posting OLD embarrassing stuff, not NEW.)  But it was fun.

Here are some general impressions:

We took the class at our local rec center.  So, our classmates were generally over the age of 50.  And, there was only one male teacher.  I kinda wish the teacher had been a female, or a couple of teachers would’ve been better.  Although the teacher was fully versed in both parts, I still kinda wondered what I should try to *look like* while doing the steps.  But the class was totally non intimidating.  I am a terrible dancer and was by no means the worst of that bunch.  Which was nice.

Ballroom dancing is more of a partnership than I realized!  And I also learned the man has the harder part, because he has to “lead”.  That means, constantly thinking about which step to do next, and remembering how to “lead” the lady into that step, all while remembering how to do the current step.  On the ladies’ side, we just have to pay attention so we don’t miss the leads.  So, how fortunate that my husband is a good dancer.  Otherwise we would’ve been really lost.

Finally, although “East Coast Swing” has “swing” in the title, its not the step that comes to mind when you think about “swing dancing”.  And that’s what I’d like to try next.  I have scoped out a local swing dancing event (including lesson!) that we might just go to.

Having a sitter every Friday night for 5 weeks in a row was nice too! We are not one of those weekly-date-night families, but maybe we should be.  We even whisked through a drivethru after class each week and then got to eat in peace at home. Its the little things.

And one other thing that may not be evident to you guys:  This whole list-making/blogging process is kind of revolutionary for me.  Accomplishing little things like taking this dance class is sort of resulting in a snowball affect over here where I think of bigger goals and how to accomplish those and where my life is headed etc etc.  And its something to focus on (when I’m not focused on my toddler/my husband/my job/washing dishes/etc etc etc) besides pointless internet surfing.  I’m really not one for motivational sayings but I bet there is a great one that more accurately describes what I’m trying to say here.


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