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Corn Chowder

One of my favorite parts of being on the road as a musician is getting opportunities to visit sample local fare when it comes to eating and shopping. This weekend I’m in Houston, Texas with Ronnie Freeman and the band. Tonight we were treated to dinner at a really great local restaurant that serves soups, salads and sandwiches. I ordered an amazing spinach salad, and when I saw “Roasted Corn Chowder” on the menu, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to add another X next to 16. Taste 8 new foods (one a month).

Corn Chowder = yummy, but not easy on the tummy.

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Foto Friday – Episode 12 – VIDEO EDITION!!!

Okay, Bethany may KILL me, I don’t know.  But, I’m posting this for a few reasons.  First, she totally brought it up herself, in last’s weeks Foto Friday.  Second, she KNOWS I have this, because her own father converted it to digital format for me when we were both home from Christmas.  And third, the video was recorded for public viewing in the first place.. so… hello public.  And fourth, its just so awesomely awesome. Read More…

TIPS! Close your iphone apps.

Okay, this is really simple.  I hope all of you are saying, “uuuuhm duuuuh”.  But, both my husband and I, high-middlin’ on the techie scale, went 2+ years using an iPhone and NOT doing this.

If your battery life seems to be terrible, i.e. getting below 20% by mid-afternoon, then you need to CLOSE your apps.

Its simple:

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Double-click the button.
  3. Put your finger on one of the apps and hold until they start jiggling and little minus signs appear. (See pic below)
  4. Then start hitting the minus signs.  This does NOT delete them, but it does close them.
  5. I guess that means there’s less junk running in the background, and it will do wonders for your battery life.

Close those apps!!

Jumping on the Bandwagon

My life is full of many things these days, but exercise is not one of them.  Not at all.  I mean, we are semi-active, but our activities are more like walking Ransom to the playground and doing yard work and occasionally going for a hike.  Lately I realized that in fact, I’ve NEVER consistently exercised, with a couple of exceptions centered around weight loss.  I did successfully burn through the freshman-25 (thank you chip-wiches) and the junior-15 (thank you Chinese food), both of which required consistent exercise.  But other than that, I’ve never had an exercise routine. Read More…

The Hunger Games

Last week, my husband said that he’d really like to go see The Hunger Games movie last Friday night.  But I kind of have this crazy personal policy that I always read the book before I go see the movie.  So Thursday afternoon I bought the book at Parnassus Books, the awesome new bookstore in Green Hills….and read the entire thing over the course of the 10 hours that followed (husband had already read the book…so he went to the theater and bought our tickets.)

The Hunger Games...such a great read!

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March Book Review: Little Princes

So, this month I watched both seasons of Downton Abbey.  I heard that this counts as reading a book… No?  well, sigh…. Oh the Crawleys though… sigh….

k, anyway, in the real world, I did read a book this month.  I love it when books find me rather than the other way around, and this one found me via my sister-in-law Ashley.  We traded – she got last month’s read Kisses from Katie.  So the book of this month is:  Little Princes by Conor Grennan.  Its a true story about the author’s experience working in orphanages in Nepal and later starting his own organization there.

Appropriately enough, the book opens when the author is 29.  He quits his job and decides to spend his life savings traveling the world for an entire year.  I totally identify with that sentiment.  I would do it too, except I’m unfortunately too responsible.
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Foto Friday: Episode 11

Today’s Foto Friday episode comes from the same photo album from which I un-earthed last week’s Disney trip gems….and yes, it’s another youth-group-days adventure.

The summers at First Baptist Church of Columbus, Mississippi were prime time for all of us youth-group kids to figure out ways to spend every waking moment at church…and we were pretty good at it.  We volunteered at Vacation Bible School, produced a VBS at the local boys and girls club, worked in the church nursery, and then of course participated in antics of our own.  One such event was called “Night Of The Stars.” Read More…

Weighing in on No.9

So No. 9 on my to-do list is lose 10 pounds.  When I did my “Progress Report” on my “half birthday” I’d lost 5.5 of those 10 pounds.  But weighing in once a week as I first thought I’d do was becoming a bit of an emotional roller-coaster.  And I hate roller-coasters of any kind.  Read More…

TIPS! Free Green Onions

I’ve been collecting tidbits of useful information that deserve to be shared.  I came across this first one while poking around the internet for recipes.  It is truly genius. Read More…

Chair Re-Upholstry: Part One

If I ever call you and say, “I found this cool cheap/free piece of furniture that will look so cool once I re-upholster it!” …remind me that on March 20, 2012, I swore I would never-ever re-upholster anything ever again.

So obviously one of the things on my list is 7. Re-upholster an arm chair or build a piece of furniture.  I figured that if Mary-Hall can recover her couch, surely I could tackle an arm chair…man.  I had no idea what went into it!

I found this cool chair for $40 on Craiglist about 2 years ago Read More…

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