On Raising the Bar

I took my toddler Ransom to the Denver Children’s Museum last weekend.  My husband was out of town and I took it as an opportunity to secure my status as the “fun” parent.  We had a great day and the museum was definitely a highlight.  A good chuck of the exhibits were not quite age-appropriate for a 17-month old, such as the play-with-brio-trains area (i.e. destroy-everything-the-other-kids-are-working on area) and the dress-up area (i.e. woman-why-would-you-put-that-on-my-head area).  But some of them were: highlights for us included the Center for Young Children and of course the real fire truck with steering wheel.  The fire truck area was crawling with 4-year-old boys and apparently the opportunity to be a real fireman brings out the worst in 4-year-olds.  It was not a friendly place.

Here are basically all the half-decent cellphone pictures I could get.  All the rest are blurry back-of-head shots as Ransom ran from one thing to the next without even looking to see if I was back there.

Boy loves all steering wheels

Driving a real firetruck

Shopping for locally grown produce

Catching a few fishh

So, this adventure was an item on my list.  The other day (okay nearly a month ago… I live in a timewarp.) when I was reviewing my whole list, a few items stuck out to me as easy peasy stuff.  I’ve since decided to raise the bar a bit, so that every single thing on there is a challenge of some sort.  For me, taking Ransom to a museum is not a challenge, not something I’ve been putting off for years, not something a real 3o-year old “should have” done.  No fear involved at all.  So the item has been replaced with:

#17. Take Ransom camping.

THAT is something we really want to do, and are afraid of, and have been putting off.  We talked about it all last summer.  But what if he refuses to go to sleep in the tent?  What if he runs off and gets lost in the woods? He would love it though, he’s a total outside kid.  And its something we want to do as a family with some regularity, so we might as well get started.


Also, Bethany is back stateside. Can’t WAIT for pictures.  I bet she will have an update in the next couple of days so check back soon!


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