Foto Friday – Episode 8

Happy Friday, everyone! This fabulous foto was taken in Mississippi in the ~September 2005.  Bethany and I were roommates again.  We had just graduated from college and had our first full-time jobs.  Hurricane Katrina came through our state at the end of August that year.  By the time Katrina reached the city where we lived, the winds were still strong enough to knock down a LOT of power lines.  Lots of people had no electricity for a few days.  Our house was out for three whole weeks!  To be suddenly without air conditioning in Mississippi in September is an adjustment for sure.

On the afternoon pictured, we were up at my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) house enjoying the air conditioning, doing laundry, etc.  And the high winds had also blown this water-trampoline thing in from somewhere else on the lake.  So naturally we partook…

Oh, and Bethany’s not really that pale – Its just the lighting…  or over-exposure…


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One response to “Foto Friday – Episode 8”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    For the record…..Mary-Hall is way too kind. I’m pretty sure I WAS that pale then seeing as I’m now just a wee bit darker…and I currently have some semblance of a tan from all my recent travels. But I appreciate the kindly-intentioned disclaimer.

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