This may not be the exciting I’ve-just-been-to-Africa-and-listen-to-what-happened blog entry you’ve been hoping for, but I’m going to give the trip report to you in bits for several reasons, namely:

1) My blog posts are already verbose…if I tried to cram 9 days in Africa into one post….you’d quit reading after a paragraph and I’d get writers frustration.

2) I don’t have all my photos uploaded yet….and everything is better with photos.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly go all the way to Africa and not check some sort of item off my list, so I’ll start there.  Tasting new foods has actually been a bit more of a challenge than I thought.  There’s a whole long laundry list of foods that I’ve tried in the past and don’t like/won’t eat….but finding ones I’ve NEVER tasted is kind of tricky.  Thus, I was thrilled when what looked like green mashed potatoes ended up on the buffet line last Sunday when Keith and I ate lunch with our sponsor children.  Rukia was amazed that I didn’t know what it was and was more than happy to educate me on what is apparently a favorite food of hers.

yummy yummy!

“Mukimo” (Moo-key-moe) is a traditional food of the Kikuyu (Kick-coo-you) tribe (or at least I assume it is because Rukia informed me that “Mukimo” is a Kikuyu word) and is super yummy.  It’s made by boiling pumpkin leaves and mashing them with potatoes and then mixing in some cooked maize (the yellow lumps you see in the photo) and salt.  So maybe not that out-of-the-box considering I like corn and potatoes and most green veggies.  But the daring part is that I put it on my plate and tasted it BEFORE asking what was in it.  In a foreign country.  Where, lets face it, you never really know what odd ingredients could be lurking within.  So it totally counts.  In celebration, I’ve put another X by 16. Taste 8 new foods (one a month). Now if I can only get over the jet lag…..

Question: What’s the oddest food you’ve ever felt-obligated-to-eat/voluntarily-tried/accidentally-consumed whilst abroad?  Cow blood in Masai land? Cuy (guinea pig) in Peru?  Do tell!


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6 responses to “Mukimo”

  1. maryhalljohnson says :

    uuuuhhmm… cow tongue maybe? it was gross. Oh, I once had some tea made from yak butter too – I liked it.

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    It’s just fortunate that Rukia didn’t call it “CREAMED Mukimo!” 🙂

  3. bethanybordeaux says :

    I’m afraid to ask what “Yak butter” is….hoping its butter made from the milk of a yak and not some other creamy substance found in the carcass of a yak…..icky.

  4. Mary Margaret says :

    I’m going to go with ox balls and camel… gotta love Carnivore! Then I’ll also add goat stew and charcoal flavored rice.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      hahaha. Yes! I’ve eaten both camel and ox balls at the Carnivore as well! For those readers who are questioning our sanity right now, the Carnivore is a fabulous meat-only joint in Nairobi, Kenya (I think there is one in South Africa as well) that serves exotic meats including the ones already named, and other meats like crocodile, beef, turkey, chicken, ribs, etc. They serve it on giant skewers…and keep it coming until you put up your “white flag” in surrender. It’s quite an experience all around…and a must-see if you’re in Nairobi!

  5. compassioncalling says :

    This actually sounds pretty yummy. I’ve never traveled internationally, and my husband and I are not seafood eaters. Therefore, I’m afraid we’ll most likely be sticking to rice and chicken when we travel to the Dominican Republic with Compassion in November.

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