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My list is growing…and I’m almost to 30 things.  Today I added “Create a daily schedule” to my list, and I plan on checking this one off quickly…because sister NEEDS a schedule… 

I play violin for a living and I also do administrative support for one of the artists I play for.  And while I love what I do, and I’m thankful that I don’t sit behind a desk from 8-5 every day (I’m just not wired for that, although I’ve had several jobs that required me to do so in the past), I also struggle with time management since work for me equals being at home, or being out on the road playing.  (With as-long-as-it-gets-done-in-a-timely-fashion-I-can-do-it-whenever admin duties sprinkled in like email and website updates.)  When you don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time every day, it’s easy to sleep in, get distracted by some meaningless task, flick the TV on for “just a second.”

Today I declared 2012 the year of self discipline.  I’ve started running.  I quit biting my nails.  I’m reading the Bible through in a year, which means daily (or almost daily) Bible reading.  So why not a schedule?  I need one.  I think with my new found self-discipline I’d THRIVE on a schedule.  Plus, if I’m going to learn a Bach concerto, become conversational in Spanish, memorize the book of James and get everythign else on my 30×30 list before August 14th rolls around….I need a schedule.  So it’s decided.  It’s a list item….and one I’m going to check off this week.

Question: Do any of you stick to a carefully regimented schedule?  What do you find helps you stick to that?


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