I came….I saw(ed)…I got the memo (board).

This morning I tackled one of the list items I’ve been most afraid of….learning to use the circular saw.  Why did that scare me so much?  Probably because I’m a wimp.  And circular saws are loud and I tend to be a worst-case-scenario person who imagines accidentally slicing off one of the fingers I so very much value as a violinist.  But this morning I bit the bullet and unearthed the saw from it’s place in the shed and gave it a whirl (I think I’ve used that joke before….but it’s so good I couldn’t resist using it again).  Why the sudden interest in sawing?  (besides the desire to check 4. Learn to use a circular saw off my list?)  Necessity.  That saw was the only thing that stood between me and a completed DIY project……For a while now husband and I have been lamenting the lack of a place to tack up little things like photos and cards that come in the mail and shopping lists.  While we love the new stainless steel appliances we installed in our kitchen last year when we gutted our entire house, we’re sad that they aren’t magnetic. While I guess it looks tidy not to have 1 million things stuck to the fridge with kitschy souvenir magnets, we kind of miss not being able to display things. So a few weeks ago husband suggested a memo board (we do have a great wall to hang it on right next to the fridge) and I of course took that to mean “craft project.”

I started with a trip to JoAnn’s (remember JoAnn?) armed with a phone full of coupons and scored the needed supplies for about $30.

supplies for my craft project, minus white spray paint, spray adhesive and masking tape

Because I couldn’t find cork panels in the exact size I needed, I had to buy one large cork board, which is where the circular saw came in.  Fortunately, once I realized that you had to hold down the safety while holding down trigger, thus making the saw operational, the whole sawing process took about 2 minutes, and ta-da!  Custom-sized cork panels.  I spray painted the frame white with special spray paint for plastic and smooth surfaces, and covered my cork panels with this fabulous persimmon-grey-brown-white Dwell Studio fabric that I got on sale.

LOVE this fabric pattern!

The most difficult part of the project by far was securing everything in the frame and getting the front to be a uniform depth, but thanks to lots of tape, it all came together, and looked pretty awesome I think!

I certainly couldn’t have gotten the size I needed with the custom magnetic/bulletin board quadrants and the fabric I liked for what I spent making it which was about $40 total!  The frame itself, had it not been on a 50% off sale, and had I not had a coupon, would have cost about $45.

Completed project! Now....to hang it on the wall! 🙂

Question: (Today I thought I’d get all fancy on you and use a poll…..)

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5 responses to “I came….I saw(ed)…I got the memo (board).”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    I LOVE your display board! Although I chose option 3 in your poll, I must admit that price AND “SKILL AND ABILITY to DIY” also enter into the decision of “to buy or to make.”

  2. Carmen (Rueff) Anglin says :

    Awesome! I look forward to more crafting when we have more space. (Ahh, apartment life…) You and Mary Hall (and Laura!) have definitely given me some ideas! 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Having been an apartment dweller up until 2 years ago, I feel your pain on limited space to spread out and craft! However…I also know that the tight space in apartments is sometimes the mother of invention as you figure out ways to maximize what space you do have! I’m going to post a small craft project (that only takes a table top size workspace, some paper and a glue gun!) next week so stay tuned for a way to get your craft fix in a tight space!

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