Apple Pork-Chops and Cheesy Bacon Grits

Mmmmm.  I’m salivating in remembrance of their chesy-bacony-apply-porkchoppy goodness after just typing the title.

Yummy, yummy porkchoppy goodness on a plate.

Really, it all started with brownies.  I meet with a group of fabulous women every Wednesday morning and one morning my friend Julie had brownies.  Not Betty-Crocker-From-A-Box-mix brownies….but BROWNIES.  Like an inch-and-a-half-thick-fudgy-goey brownies with another inch-and-a-half of this crazy-good part-mousse-part-frosting topping on top.  J’adore.  I inquired about the recipe and she told me they were from The Pioneer Woman.  Some of you may be familiar with Ree Drummand and her Martha-Stewart-esque prowess over all things domestic, however until Julie’s brownies, I was not.

Ever on the search for new meals to cook in effort to put more check-marks by “6. Cook 8 new recipes (one a month),” I headed home, armed with this new fantastic resource for apparently delectible recipes, and found this one, for “Pork Chops with Apples & Creamy Bacon Cheese Grits.”  We had company over Monday night and I decided that was a good excuse to whip up my new-found-sure-to-be-gourmet-tasting recipe.  So I did.  And it came out SO well! (Thank goodness, or our company would have been served frozen TV dinners as a backup. haha.)

I will admit that the photo I’ve got posted on the blog is Ree’s stock photo from her website because in the hullabaloo of company and getting food on the table before we all starved/it got cold, I neglected to snap a photo-for-the-blog of my own.  But we all cleaned our plates and had NO leftovers, so I’m taking that as a good sign.  And one more X added to my list!  I stayed true to her recipe except I substituted Quaker Instant Grits for her stone ground grits.  Her’s were probably better, but Quaker is what our local wal-mart carried….so thats how we rolled.  And they were excellent.  Also, the grits take twice the time to make as the pork-chops, so get your grits goin’ and then start on the pork-chops!

If you want to link to printable versions of her recipes, you can do so here by clicking on Pork Chops with Apples and then the separate Cheesy Bacon Grits recipe.  Or, I’ve also posted photos of the recipes below that you can read through.  But first.  Answer my poll question.  Please?


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6 responses to “Apple Pork-Chops and Cheesy Bacon Grits”

  1. Bubba says :

    SO FREAKING GOOD!!! Nomnomnom.

  2. maryhalljohnson says :

    Whatdya know, my 3rd and final cinnamon roll attempt was also an epic Pioneer Woman adventure. I will post about it ASAP! This sounds amazing, must try soon…

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