Some of you may be wondering how that book-a-month thing is going for me since it’s mid-March and I’ve only posted one book review.  I’ve finished a second book, thanks to the long flights to and from Kenya, however until this exact moment, I haven’t had time to sit down and write.

The end of last summer a friend of mine recommended a book to me that she said I had to read.  I went online to the author’s blog and read the first chapter which she has posted to her website.  And was captivated by her content, her style, her story…but then I never did procure my own copy.  Fast forward to February when one of my Kenya-trip-mates pulled the same exact book out of her bag…and I marched down to the Atlanta-airport-bookstore and bought my own copy.

It’s a simple concept really….thankfulness.  One you’d think I’d grasp after all the blessings the Lord has poured out on me literally since the day I was born.  Parents, and then a husband, comfortable houses to live in, an education, a talent for music, the opportunity to travel, to earn enough money to support myself, to attend church without persecution.  And many days I am thankful when something good happens.  But many days I focus on the things I don’t own, don’t get to do, the went-wrongs, the didn’t happens, the shoulda-beens.  And I suffocate my heart with self-inflicted sorrow for all the areas where I don’t have or experience what I think I should.  Maybe you have the same struggle. Days where you’re distracted even by LEGITIMATE sorrows or losses; where you fight to remember what is good in life.

Ann Voskamp so beautifully unfolds her story and encourages us to practice Eucharisteo.  A level of gratitude that she ventures to be as important a part of our journey as believers in God as faith and works. She began by keeping a journal and listing 1,000 things she was thankful for (hence, One-Thousand-Gifts.)  And even once she reached 1,000 she kept going, laying down on paper an endless record of a thankful heart.  And not just when good, pleasant things were given…but thankfulness in the midst of trial.

So I’ve decided to practice my own version of Eucharisteo to remind my heart to be thankful in all things.  A jar.  With a cork top.  And short prayers of thankfulness on tiny scraps of paper.


What are you thankful for today…be it little or big…joyous or painful?

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2 responses to “Eucharisteo”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    An “attitude of gratitude” should be a part of a believer’s nature, and particularly when we look around at the myriad of things we truly do have to be thankful for. Your jar reminds me of Ina’s little teapot or whatever it was where family and friends were encouraged to write something they were thankful for and drop it in, then the slips read on Thanksgiving Day. What a great habit to get into!

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      yes! i remember that teapot. Adam and his wife keep a journal as well that they call their “Ebenezer” since that was a rock raised at a spot to remember what the Lord had done there. The write blessings of the Lord to remember his goodness. Love it.

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