1. Make Cinnamon Rolls

WELL, another one scratched off my list. I have already tried my hand at baking cinnamon rolls a couple of times. On the first batch, I used the wrong kind of yeast (in ignorance) and they didn’t rise at all. Think hockey pucks. A couple of kind commenters helped me figure that one out. Round two turned out great, a quick and easy biscuit-style recipe that I’ve got in my back pocket now. Then I basically got a digital call out from an old friend Stacey Kersh Shields.  She reviewed a classic Pioneer Woman recipe, published in 2007.  Just reading her review made me kinda scared and therefore obviously it had to be my final attempt.

Cinnamon rolls aka pure heaven

This recipe is EVERYwhere.  There are blogs after blogs written about it.  Even the Pioneer Woman has multiple posts about it.  A significant portion of the USA eats these on Christmas morning every year.  But here’s what scared me about the recipe:

  • It involves yeast, so yeah.
  • The first ingredient is “a quart of milk”.
  • The recipe makes 7 or 8 PANS.
  • So if you mess it up, you will have 7 or 8 PANS of it to deal with.

But now having done it, I have to say, there is some genius to this recipe. Yes, it takes some time.  Like 4 hours from start to finish but that’s including quite a bit of rising and baking time.  And at the end, you have 8 whole pans, which you can then freeze and enjoy as you need them.  This is PERFECT for my future bed-n-breakfast.  I can just keep a stash in the freezer and defrost whenever.  And, baking them made my whole house smell heavenly – like a certain section of the mall right outside a certain cinnamon roll store.  And, mine batch also rose.  So if mine worked, don’t fear the yeast!  Its obviously a pretty fool-proof recipe.

I actually made these last weekend.  The fresh ones were awesome, but I wanted to make sure and try the reheated ones, just in case.  And its true, they taste just the same.  Take them right out of the freezer and then microwave for 30 seconds or so.  Done.

And now, I feel pretty comfortable scratching #1 off, I have MADE cinnamon rolls.

I call this shot "Cinnamon rolls to infinity"

So me and Bethany are obviously diggin’ on the Pioneer Woman. Any other recipes of hers that you recommend?? Let me hear it!


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3 responses to “1. Make Cinnamon Rolls”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Whoa! Now THOSE definitely look like they should grace the cover of Better Homes and Gardens! Feel free to bring some on your next visit to Columbus.

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    oh my gosh. please dry-ice a few of those pans and ship em’ to Nashville! I’m salivating over here…..oh wait….”Lose 10 Pounds.” Nevermind. Don’t ship me any. 🙂

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