Crochet Project

I’m taking a few days off… skiing… family time… eating… I’m letting a lot of things slide this week and my list is no exception.  But here’s one thing I’m working on – my little crochet project.  I put this item on my list because I have half-heartedly started it, oh, seven times.  It never looks right and I always give up.  Not this time though.  Here’s a picture from the pattern.

Cute right?  So why oh why do mine always turn out more… lumpy?

These are supposed to be easy. No special skill required. I did a little youtube searching and I believe I have found the problem. Here’s the link I found. Looks like I’m not making my stitches correctly. Youtube is so great for this sort of thing.  Anyway, I’ve started again and things are looking up.  Fingers crossed!


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