Foto Friday: Episode 10

You know those commercials where they interview famous people and they say,

“Girls!  You’ve re-upholstered a couch, traveled to Africa, cooked lots of yummy meals and baked goods, read some fabulous books, surprised your husband and taken your son to the children’s museum.  What’s Next!?”

And the peppy celebrities say,

“We’re goin’ to DISNEY WORLD!”

Yeah.  Well, we’re not…peppy celebrities…nor are we going to Disney World…but we did go, once-upon-a-time!  And I thought that in honor of Spring Break, (which for many was last week or next week, and which Mary-Hall and I sadly no longer experience,) I’d post these lovely senior-and-college-trip-to-Disney-World-with-our-church-youth-group photos for your enjoyment.  Written across the back of them in my Mom’s script is the date “March 2000” which means these photos are exactly 12 years old.  Which makes me feel old.  So put on your Mouse ears and get in line for today’s Foto Friday Gone Disney!

(And if you’re wondering why the little “B” and “M-H” finger marker thingys are sort of weird looking, it’s because Mary-Hall and her fancy-photo editing software are on vacation this week so I had to do the best I could by taking screen shots, cropping in iPhoto, and uploading to Picnik.  I’m also hopped up on NyQuil to combat a sinus infection so I’m not fully aware of anything I’m doing right now.)

Me and Mary-Hall with the rest of the crew...excited to be at Disney!

If you go to Disney, a photo in front of the castle is a MUST!

I love how this photo foreshadows the world traveling we would do as college students and adults. Leave it to us to want a photo with the cool bus!

And because you know I love a good poll (and because I owe you something good after those terrible photo-shopped fingers I subjected you to):


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2 responses to “Foto Friday: Episode 10”

  1. maryhalljohnson says :

    OOH, this is fabulous. My favorite is the 2nd photo where we are clearly dressed as the Bobsie twins.

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