5K: a running update

Yesterday, I ran a 5K.  This may not sound like any huge achievement, but I’ve had a rather terrible history with 5K’s to date which I’m posting here for your pure enjoyment….and to prove that if I can do it, ANYONE can do it.

*Spring 2004 – (My first ever 5K) At the end of my senior year of college a group of my friends took “beginning running” as a P.E. credit and were required to run an official 5K…and somehow I got suckered into running with them.  While I did succeed in finishing the race…I did so with an embarrassing time of 46 minutes and some seconds.

*Spring 2006 – A co-worker of mine at the hospital where I worked talked me into running the 5K she was organizing to benefit a women’s health initiative.  On race day I wasn’t feeling super but decided to go for it anyway….and left the course at mile 1.25 with severe stomach cramps.  Epic Fail.

*February 2, 2009 – I organized a few friends to run the Nashville Predators (Ice Hockey Team) 5K to celebrate my then-boyfriend’s (now-husband’s!!!) birthday.  I actually ran the first 2 miles before needing to pause and gasp for breath on the sidelines.  But I got back on the course and finished the race somewhere in the neighborhood of 38 minutes.  Improvement.

Which brings me to…..YESTERDAY!

The 1/2 marathon training program that husband and I are doing recommends that you run an ACTUAL 5K race and an ACTUAL 10K race during your training to experience all the things you experience on a race day: registration, the adrenaline when the gun goes off, learning to pace yourself amongst the throng of runners, etc.  So husband and I signed up to run the “Opry Mills Complex 5K” which started at the Opry House, and threaded it’s way through the grounds of the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  I’ve been battling a sinus infection all week and was very afraid that it was going to be another disappointment in my list of less-than-awesome 5K experiences, but set myself a reasonable goal of 36 minutes.  (12 minute miles).

Maybe it was the antibiotics…maybe it was the adrenaline…but something kicked in yesterday morning and I felt really good.  I watched my heart rate, I kept my pace steady, I ran the whole way without stopping to walk!  And 3.1 miles later, I crossed the finish line at a time of 31 minutes flat.  Not a time that won me any awards…but I beat my time goal by an entire 5 minutes and my pace goal by one minute and 40 seconds per mile.  Not too shabby.

Oh, and I won’t reveal husband’s time…but I WILL tell you that he’s much much faster than I am….and that he’d set a goal as well, and he beat that goal by a solid 2 minutes.

Husband and I just post-run. Feeling pretty satisfied with ourselves.

I also want to note that as I was trotting the 3.1 mile course yesterday morning, Whitney, a good friend of mine and Mary-Hall’s from the middle-school and high-school days was running a much longer course….a huge congrats to Whitney for finishing her first 1/2 marathon and for coming in under her time goal as well!  Way to go!  We’re so proud of you!


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3 responses to “5K: a running update”

  1. Pat Browder says :

    I am so very proud of you both but especially you Bethany as you kept trying and didn’t give up. Plus you look amazingly thin!!!! Keep up the good work

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Thanks so much! It’s just a small victory in my road to a 1/2 marathon…but it felt so great to set a personal best! Can’t wait to watch my time improve!! Love you!


  2. maryhalljohnson says :

    Wow I’m so impressed!!

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