Weighing in on No.9

So No. 9 on my to-do list is lose 10 pounds.  When I did my “Progress Report” on my “half birthday” I’d lost 5.5 of those 10 pounds.  But weighing in once a week as I first thought I’d do was becoming a bit of an emotional roller-coaster.  And I hate roller-coasters of any kind.  So from that time until yesterday, I stayed away from the scale.  I stopped my calorie counting. I figured at this point, I’m into a good solid work-out routine.  I don’t pig out on fast food.  I don’t snack unless it’s healthy.  I’m eating good portion sizes (I have to to keep running as far as I am now!).  So I figured I’d just keep doing what I was doing and hope the LBS’s just slid off on their own and not monitor them like a teenage girl.

Until yesterday.  Husband and I went to the gym to work out in the hopes of escaping from the insanely high pollen count lurking outside.  And the scale was there.  Calling my name.  So I went for it….and was beyond thrilled to see that my weight indeed was less than last time!  (Don’t you love how I’m dragging this out!)  I’m proud to say that since January 1, 2012….I have officially lost 8 pounds!  Ta da!  That’s only 2 pounds away from my overall goal of 10!  But don’t expect any more weight updates soon.  I’ve decided not to hop back on the scale until after the 1/2 marathon.  A girl needs a little suspense every now and then.


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4 responses to “Weighing in on No.9”

  1. Lex says :

    Yay! That is AWESOME! And so encouraging. I totally need to lose 10 lbs too. I was discouraged after only losing 2 pounds doing P90X, but I think I can do a better job eating well and taking classes at the gym.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Thank you!!! And don’t be discouraged at all. I’m learning that weight-loss seems to have a mind of it’s own. When I started the work out process on January 1st of this year I lost 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks like it was nothing. And then I didn’t lose ANYTHING for about a month. In fact, despite the workouts and calorie counting, I even gained a few back and got super discouraging. But now, just in past two weeks really, the pounds have started coming off again. I’m attributing it to being in the thick of a routine now where my body is thinking, “ok…fine….we’ll get rid of this junk if your want us too that badly.” You can do it. Get in a routine and don’t expect results to really even start for about 3 months. I also think that the scale is deceptive because muscle weighs more than fat and in those first few months you’re taking every ounce of fat and turning it into muscle so your body is slimmer and more toned, but you might weigh the same. Sorry. I just gave you a weight-loss dissertation. But BE ENCOURAGED! Slow and steady wins the race.

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    And as we all know, a slow, but steady 1/2 to a pound a week is a HEALTHY way to lose! Congratulations on the HEALTHFUL progress towards your goal!

    I’m amazed at your self-control – not in your eating or exercise habits – but in being able to resist the scale. I, on the other hand, weigh basically every day in order to catch myself if my weight starts creeping up toward my personal upper limit – although my clothes are just as reliable a measuring device!

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