Foto Friday: Episode 11

Today’s Foto Friday episode comes from the same photo album from which I un-earthed last week’s Disney trip gems….and yes, it’s another youth-group-days adventure.

The summers at First Baptist Church of Columbus, Mississippi were prime time for all of us youth-group kids to figure out ways to spend every waking moment at church…and we were pretty good at it.  We volunteered at Vacation Bible School, produced a VBS at the local boys and girls club, worked in the church nursery, and then of course participated in antics of our own.  One such event was called “Night Of The Stars.”

We would spend a week at the church filming “music videos” which consisted of lip-synching to whatever was popular at the time (the particular year this photo was taken I had been Brittany Spears in “Crazy” and the year before Mary-Hall had been one of the Spice Girls) as well as some old classics (“The Monster Mash” was a featured segment this same year).  We raided the infamous costume closet.  We put together the most ridiculous costumes imaginable and created scenes that didn’t always match the song.  And we video taped them.  And someone painstakingly edited the shots together with the music.

And then on Friday night, we had “Oscar Night” where everyone in the youth group…not just those who were in videos…got together at the church, ate popcorn, walked the red carpet, and then we all sat down and watched the videos.  Awards were also presented in very specific categories such as “best performance by a freshman girl who danced on the left side of the screen in the first video we watched.”  As you might can guess, everyone who appeared in a video was given an award.

On this particular occasion, a group of girls got together beforehand and got all gussied up in true Oscar fashion (I don’t want to discuss what the back of my hair-do looked like) and headed out to make our grand entrance.  Mary-Hall is clearly working it for the paparazzi.

Looking glam for the Nite Of The Stars debut night.

Oh…and a big thanks to Mary-Hall for doing the photo editing this week.  We couldn’t bear to subject you to any more of my cut-and-paste.


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3 responses to “Foto Friday: Episode 11”

  1. maryhalljohnson says :

    AAAH! Now I remember. I’m so glad I thought to wear that arm shawl thing because that really ups the glamour factor of my ensemble. That, and my sweet tan lines. YES! Fun times.

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    Oh that all teenagers could spend their time the way you kiddos did!

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