The Hunger Games

Last week, my husband said that he’d really like to go see The Hunger Games movie last Friday night.  But I kind of have this crazy personal policy that I always read the book before I go see the movie.  So Thursday afternoon I bought the book at Parnassus Books, the awesome new bookstore in Green Hills….and read the entire thing over the course of the 10 hours that followed (husband had already read the book…so he went to the theater and bought our tickets.)

The Hunger Games...such a great read!

I loved it!  The writing was good but easy to read…the action hit the ground running from page one and sucked you in so there were no “slow parts” to sludge through.  The topic has the potential to be a bit dark and Lord-Of-The-Flies-esque (which was NOT my favorite book) but Suzanne Collins does such a fabulous job of writing that you sort of forget how dark the topic has the potential to be and just get wrapped up in the lives of Katniss and Peeta and all the other characters.

Book or Movie? Book.  The movie was fabulous as well and the really did do a good job staying fairly true to the original story and making quality changes when the original storyline just wasn’t practical to follow.  (For example, the book features a panel of 20 “game-makers” while the movie condensed the 20 nameless people into one featured character)  The casting was excellent, sensitivity to “hard scenes” by not glamorizing violence was refreshing and overall it’s worth the movie ticket.  But, if you’re a reader…I encourage you to take the extra few hours and read the book.  The extra details that just don’t fit the time constraints of the big screen are worth it.

This makes X number 3 on my list next to 3. Read 8 books (one a month).  I also have a few books mid-read that I’ll be finishing up for future blogs.

Question: Did YOU go see the Hunger Games this weekend?  Have you read the book?  May the odds EVER be in your favor!

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