Jumping on the Bandwagon

My life is full of many things these days, but exercise is not one of them.  Not at all.  I mean, we are semi-active, but our activities are more like walking Ransom to the playground and doing yard work and occasionally going for a hike.  Lately I realized that in fact, I’ve NEVER consistently exercised, with a couple of exceptions centered around weight loss.  I did successfully burn through the freshman-25 (thank you chip-wiches) and the junior-15 (thank you Chinese food), both of which required consistent exercise.  But other than that, I’ve never had an exercise routine.

Reading Bethany’s running posts (and seeing her constantly using the Nike Running Tracker Iphone app on Facebook) has given me some motivation though.  After all, husband and I sit around and talk about how we need more exercise all the time.  My first reaction is that well, frankly, we just don’t have the time.  But you know, maybe we do.  May I do anyway.  I only work part-time and spend a good deal of the afternoon playing with Ransom or watching him run around the back yard.  So with a little effort, perhaps there are aerobic activities that we could do together.

A bike with a child seat on the back comes to mind..

You know what else?  The weather is gorgeous here these days.  And we are really due about 3 more snowstorms but who knows, maybe we’ll have the earliest summer ever.  Along with that, I tried in vain to accomplish “22. Go snowshoeing this winter – new trail!” two weeks ago.  My family was in town, we found a trail, rented snowshoes, and headed out.  And then my husband ended up carrying the snowshoes on his backpack, because there was NO need for them.  Low snow + warm weather… i.e. we went for a nice hike.  I’m afraid I will need to drop that goal.  Tis a shame but life goes on.

So all this has been brewing in my mind and I thought of a new challenge.  There’s this big event on Memorial Day in Boulder, called the BolderBoulder.  Its a giant 10K, and pretty laid-back.  Very family oriented.. Lots of slip-n-slides along the way, etc.  I’m sure serious runners take it seriously, but there’s a lot of goofing off involved as well.  I have said in the past that I wanted to do it one day.  So on a whim I hopped over to Hal Higdon’s site, via Bethany’s recommendation, to look at a 10K training schedule.  And whatdya know, the novice schedule is 8 weeks long, and you only run 3 days per week.  The other days are “cross training” etc.  Which could mean biking, swimming, running the stairs with your toddler in a backpack.

So that’s more doable right?

Yes.  I already checked off day one, yesterday.  That means a 2.5 mile run (jog) tonight.  I am unsure if I will really be able to stick with this but why not try?

So the new #22 is “Complete the BolderBoulder (and train for it until then)”.  A 10K is a far cry from a half-marathon, and I would like to point out with much pride that Bethany is now REGULARLY running a >10K (once a week or so!).   In other words, my goal is not distance or time here, but just to try to exercise almost every day for 8 weeks and see how I feel at the end of it.  And then celebrate by running through sprinklers and slip-n-slides for 6 miles.

Update: 2.5 mi run accomplished on Tuesday, although I couldn’t physically run slow enough to keep Hal’s advice that “you should be able to run at a pace that allows you to converse comfortably while you do so”.  That pace for me would be walking.  So there were a handful of walking breaks in there but I did make the distance without falling out.

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4 responses to “Jumping on the Bandwagon”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    Oh my gosh we should run together. Starting to run was my plan after I defend (two weeks), and I had considered the Bolder Boulder but didn’t know if I’d have quite enough weeks after the defense to prepare. But honestly even now I have more time than I think I do…. maybe we should talk. 🙂

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    I’m so excited that I’ve inspired you! I wish I could come run the Bolder Boulder with you….maybe I need to look at flights………..now get out there and give me 3 miles!

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