TIPS! Close your iphone apps.

Okay, this is really simple.  I hope all of you are saying, “uuuuhm duuuuh”.  But, both my husband and I, high-middlin’ on the techie scale, went 2+ years using an iPhone and NOT doing this.

If your battery life seems to be terrible, i.e. getting below 20% by mid-afternoon, then you need to CLOSE your apps.

Its simple:

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Double-click the button.
  3. Put your finger on one of the apps and hold until they start jiggling and little minus signs appear. (See pic below)
  4. Then start hitting the minus signs.  This does NOT delete them, but it does close them.
  5. I guess that means there’s less junk running in the background, and it will do wonders for your battery life.

Close those apps!!

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