30 Things

Well kids, I’ve done it.  In some ways I feel like I’ve completed a list item all of it’s own, but really, all I’ve done is completed my list.  30 Thing I’m going to do before I turn 30.  If you check out my list page, you’ll see that all the little spaces are filled in.  And boy, does it feel good.  Now I just have to do them all.  I thought you’d probably like to know why I chose what I chose, so here it goes.

28. “Family History Tour” of Lincoln County, TN

Last fall, Husband and I got hooked on family history.  We joined Ancestry.com, hit the library, called family members and generally began the huge project of genealogy research.  It’s been amazing to find out things about our family members and we’ve had so much fun doing it.  We’ve even inspired other family members to find out more about the family that we don’t have in common and some of them have found some really cool stuff!  (Like my brother and sister-in-law found out that they weren’t the first time that someone from her family had married someone from his family!  The families had been connected one other time a few generations ago!  So cool)  But there are some serious gaps in my family tree on my Dad’s side of the family.  We can trace them back to Lincoln County, TN, but from there there are so many people with the same name that it gets all muddled.  So we’re going to head to the courthouse to see if there is anything we can find there.  And if not, we’ll at least get to visit some cool old cemeteries to see where relatives are buried and experience the place where they lived.  The thing is, we’ve been talking of doing this for almost a year now.  I’m afraid that if I don’t put it on the list, I’ll never go.

29. One week of no iPhone games

Maybe you think this is silly.  What 29-year-old woman would be addicted to iPhone games?  But if you were around me all day, you’d know it’s not silly, and that I might in fact have a problem.  I play iPhone games like a teenage boy plays X-Box.  Or worse.  It’s literally the first thing I do when I wake up, last thing I do at night, and I play them all day long in-between.  (My favorites? All three versions of Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Bejeweled and then the classic card favorites of Solitare and FreeCell.)  And I realized it eats a huge chunk of my time.  So since I didn’t give up anything for Lent, I’m giving up iPhone games for a week starting today, to celebrate Holy Week.  This way I can focus my thoughts on the real meaning of Easter, spend time checking other things off my 30×30 list and enjoying a rare week where both Husband and I are home.

30. Complete a “sprint-length” triathlon

You’d think a 1/2 marathon would be enough, right?  Well here’s the thing I’ve discovered about running.  It’s highly, highly addictive.  Plus, now that I’m in good shape, I’d like to stay there.  I’ve always had a fascination with the IronMan…like, I watch it on TV.  I’ve always thought it would be cool to do the three events in one (in case you aren’t familiar, a triathlon is a race consisting of three events that you do with no break in between…a run, a bike and a swim.)  The summer of 2004, I worked at a camp where they ended the summer with a “mini-tri.”  It was a swim-to-the-middle-of-the-lake-and-back (who knows what the distance was on that) plus a 2 mile run and a 5 mile bike on a gravel loop around camp.  Two friends and I had decided to do it relay-style (I think I was the bike portion?) but of course I slept through it.  Whoops.  Since then I’ve felt like I really wanted to do a whole mini-length tri, so imagine my delight when a friend of mine Facebook messaged me the other day encouraging me on my running and suggesting I try a “sprint-length” triathlon (apparently that’s the proper name instead of “mini”) so I’m going for it.  There’s one in Nashville in July that consists of a 200 meter swim, a 5K run and a 20K bike (3.1 mile run and 12 mile bike).  I’ve got the running part down.  I have an awesome bike in the shed not being used.  I can swim without drowning.  So I’m going for it.  I think I might be crazy.

So there you have it friends, the last three things of my thirty things. Finally finished. Now…to complete it!


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2 responses to “30 Things”

  1. Anonymous says :

    OH my. So 28) We got all up in Ancestry.com about 2 years ago!! We still dabble in it from time to time, but that’s the reason why I want to make a family photo wall. We found a ton of cool old pictures, from Ancestry and grandparent’s houses, etc. 29) Amen sista. Its all about “scramble with friends” for me lately. 30) You go girl! Before selecting the 10K as a goal, I was thinking about doing a tri. It fits my breadth-not-depth personality. I’m still thinking about adding a swimming-related goal… We are so similar… and yet so different… and yet so similar… ha ha ha.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      yeah…our family photo wall was what got the whole ball rolling for us too! please….don’t invite me to play scramble with friends with you. help me out on this goal. you should do a tri. i’ll let you know how it goes. it think it would suit you well. and think of how easy the 5K run would be after running that 10K! it’s why we’re friends….the similar but different but the same but not thing. 🙂

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