Bible Reading Update!

GUESS WHAT?!?!  I busted out into the New Testament last night.

So that means the Old Testament is 74% of the Bible. I have never read it all the way through, cover to cover, but I highly recommend it. Its kinda like eating an elephant though… one bite at a time.

I started a daily Bible reading plan in mid-May last year. I’m not exactly on pace to finish in one year.. my estimated finish date is July 4 right now. I miss days more frequently than I read ahead, but that is not the point! I have a strict rule that I must be reading and paying attention, no skimming, which is a challenge sometimes. The plan is a “chronological” reading plan, so that means you read the chapters in the approximate order in which the events occurred. For example:

  • You read the book of Jonah in the middle of Genesis.
  • The psalms that David wrote immediately follow the readings about the events he’s writing about.
  • The prophets are all mixed in with the history books.

This has been my favorite part. Its made things make much more cohesive sense in my head.  I mean, I knew that the prophetic books were written in specific time periods, but it never quite sunk in I guess.  I still saw them as writings that happened toward the end of the Old Testament period, rather than all throughout it.

I’m using the YouVersion app (just like Bethany) and its great.  Unless you don’t have internet connectivity (or 3G).. Then the reading plans aren’t available and its not great.


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One response to “Bible Reading Update!”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    This is hilarious. I was JUST reading my Bible….(I’m 3 weeks behind according to my YouVersion plan) and taking some time during Holy Week to get caught up…I agree NO skimming…when I thought, I need to do a blog on my Bible reading progress and my computer dinged and up came your update in Bible reading. As different ad we can be, I swear we’re the same person sometimes. However, you saved me a post for which I’m grateful….now everyone knows I’m 3 weeks behind, I’m in Nehemiah, I’m trying to catch up without skipping….and that I agree. I love YouVersion….except when I can’t access it (Which mostly happens when I’m on the road….out of service areas or in a plane) so my trick is that I actually do my reading out of a pocket Bible and then check what i read off on YouVersion to keep track!

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