Gone With Number 23

I love love checking off list items.  Especially when they involve friends and food.  A few weeks ago my friend Annie emailed me.  She’s been following along with what goes on over here at TwoGirlsTurningThirty and she wanted to help me check off my list…and graciously volunteered to watch Gone With The Wind with me.  (I think being from Georgia, she was more than slightly appalled that I’d never seen it.)  However, since we both have “non-traditional” jobs (Annie is a writer/speaker/blogger/author extrodinaire….more on that in later posts) it was difficult for us to find an evening when we were both free.  So she headed over this morning at 10:30 AM with the local library’s DVD copy of the flick in her bag.  I made cheese grits and muffins and a fruit salad and we curled up in the living room to watch what I’ve come to know is more than just an epic film.  It’s an institution all it’s own.

Truly, I feel less like I’ve just watched a movie (that’s right. Just.  We finished only about 30 minutes ago) and more like I’ve just read a book.  I love plots and subplots and characters and twists and turns and keeping track of who’s who.  The longer and more involved the better.  I loved the movie and I hated it all at once.  We’re both analyzers so of course we had a running commentary on life back then…what parts of it were so simplistic and beautiful and what parts were flat out wrong.  I was shocked and angered at the way some things were portrayed, and then absolutely swept off my feet by other parts (the musical score for example.  And if I commented on one furnishing in the house that I wanted, I commented on 100 of them.) I loved that the very part of Scarlett that I hated at the beginning of the movie was the very strength that, when transformed, became her means of survival when she was starving.  I like to think that I could hide a mule and 3 adults and a newborn baby under a bridge in a rainstorm while the opposing army drove passed just a few feet over my head…if I had to.

And then there’s the Melanie character who I didn’t even know existed, but who I ADORED. (my knowledge of the movie pre-game was limited to the existence of the characters named Rhett and Scarlett who I knew had some sort of love affair, that she lived in a place called Tara and that at the end of the movie he said, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a d@*%!”)  Her goodness and kindness melted my heart.  I envied the sort of strength that she possessed that was so opposite to Scarlett’s.  A strength of honor and integrity and love.  She truly lived a Christ-like-life although that wasn’t mentioned in the movie.  Born in Texas, raised in Mississippi and now, having lived in Tennessee for almost 6 years (come August 1st!) I guess I’m a bit of a Southern girl myself and I was so drawn to the strength of these two women and their weaknesses as well.  I saw touches of girls and women I know, as well as parts of myself in their character.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you carve out a few hours and check it out.  With some girlfriends.  Particularly if you’re a southerner.

Question: Have you taken the time to watch GWTW?  What “epic” movie have you always wanted to watch but haven’t taken the time to?

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  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Born in Texas, raised in Mississippi? Well, bless yaw little cotton-pickin’ heart – you spent the first 12 years of yaw life in that “whole other country!”

    Seriously, I loved reading about your experience and opinion of GWTW. I’ve never actually sat through the entire thing start to finish myself!

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