Pad Thai

I love it when I’m just going about my business and an opportunity to complete a list item pops up without my even searching for it. Take last night for example.

Husband and I went to dinner with a friend to this great Asian fusion cuisine place down the street.  I ordered sushi. {I always order sushi when the opportunity presents.}  But our friend Jason ordered Pad Thai.  And as I commented for about the 8th time that his meal looked really yummy (although I was MORE than content with my Alaskan roll) it occurred to me that I’d never had Pad Thai.  EVER.  

Being the gentleman that he is, our friend Jason offered a bite of his dinner and unknowingly, also helped me put another X by 16. Taste 8 new foods (one a month) bringing me to a total of 4 X’s next to that list item.  Which means I’m halfway done with No. 16!  And….to report, I loved it.  The noodles, the peanutty-tasting light sauce, the yummy veggies.  Mmmm.  I’ll be getting a plate of my own next time.


Other Updates: I also thought you might like to know that I spent about an hour last night working on the chair-re-upholstry project.  It’s moving at a turtles pace but I almost have all the original fabric off.  Almost.  I’m not loving the project but hoping the end result will be worthwhile.  Hoping.

Also, I’m on Day 4 of no-iPhone game playing.  It’s actually been a bit tricky because it was SUCH A HABIT!  But I’ve successfully made it so far and am determined to make it the rest of the way.  Husband pointed out that it takes 30 days to form a new habit, so I’m thinking I might extend this one to 30 days.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.

Question: What is your favorite sushi roll?  Or are you a Pad Thai kinda person…..

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