2 Eggs Down

I finished my second egg!  Let me explain: the first egg was crocheted through the back, single loop.  The second egg was crocheted from the front side, both loops.  Or something like that.  I know, crystal clear now huh.  There are apparently quite a lot of ways to crochet in the round.

#2 certainly turned out better than #1.  #1 is lumpy and weird.   My main complaint now is the size.  #2 is quite a bit larger than your average “large” egg.  A dozen would look quite silly in a regular egg carton.  Possibly wouldn’t even be able to shut the lid!

I wonder if I should try a third method or just use a smaller crochet hook.

Is it just me or are “large” eggs getting smaller all the time? Perhaps someone from the 4-H who could clarify that for me.

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