Running {Jogging} Update

Well, Operation Exercise is in full swing over here.  Checking my calendar, it appears I’ve successfully completed 2.5 weeks of my 6K training program.

Favorite part of the day: Making X's with half-dried-up green highlighter.

So far, its been great although challenging from a time perspective.  I completely forgot that I would be SLAMMED at work during these same weeks.  Couple that with two separate colds with my toddler and bam – no time.  No time until 7pm when husband is home and kid is asleep anyway.  But overall I’m really enjoying it.  I wanted to run down some of the misconceptions I had at the start of this venture:

  • I’m gonna be sore all the time!  No.  Haven’t been at all.  Having the training schedule means I don’t push myself too hard because I know well enough that I’ve got ____ to do tomorrow.  This is a sharp contrast to my previous mindstate of “Well, this might be my only run this year.  Better give all I’ve got!!!”
  • I’m gonna be tired all the time!  No.  My energy level is scarily higher.  Maybe its a combo of the exercise and anxiety from the aforementioned work project.  BUT, I am waking up at like 5:30 every day, not tired at all.
  • My knees/shins are going to hurt all the time!  Not yet.
  • I won’t have time every day for this!  Somewhat true.  I have had to re-assign my “day of rest” on 2 of the 3 weeks.  i.e. I didn’t get around to my planned exercise that day… and several of my cardio-days have been too light.  i.e. “Well I did walk Ransom to the park”.  That’s not going to help anybody’s 12.5 minute mile, now is it?
  • I’m gonna have to spend a red wagon full of money on all the gear I’ll need.  Perhaps, although some of this spending is warranted.  I don’t remember when I bought these tennis shoes.  Possibly high school.  No later than early college.
  • This is going to wreak havoc on my minimalist hair-washing schedule!  Somewhat true.  I’m managing though.

I need new shoes. Its not just the instagram filter making these look horrid.

PS These are my very first two instagrams. These silly photo effects are in fact addictive though.

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2 responses to “Running {Jogging} Update”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    I’m so proud of you running! I think the key with being busy is knowing when to swap around your rest days because you legitimately don’t have time to run, and when you just don’t FEEL like running but you know if you just go do it you’ll feel better. So proud of you! Can’t wait until we have the time to run something together!

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    p.s. i remember those shoes. you have had them for a bit…. 🙂 haha. says the girl who still wears clothes from highschool.

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