From Head to Foot

I actually got a jump on my April reading, and read my book on the first this month…..but then with everything going on, I haven’t blogged about it until now.

About two years ago my friend Annie (yes, the same Annie I watched Gone With The Wind with) emailed me a chapter of a book she was working on for me to preview. I remember reading it and thinking, “this is really good stuff….I wish I had more than just a chapter.” Then I got a phone call that the book was finished; then that she was going to be able to publish it; then that she had gotten a literary agent….you get the picture. Stuff started taking off for her! It’s been so fun watching this good friend and amazing writer achieve her goals over the past few years and to be a very tiny part of that journey with her. And then life happened, and somehow I never ended up with my very own copy of the book.

From Head To Foot by my friend Annie Downs. Grab it and give it to the nearest teenage girl in your life. You'll both be thankful you did.

Annie is a blogger herself, so she’s been tracking with us at TwoGirlsTurningThirty and cheering us on as we muddle through the blogging world, and try to meet our goals, so it occurred to me that now was the time to get her book and read it. She personally hand-delivered a copy to my door 3 weeks ago and I read it during the 35 hours I spent sitting in a van driving to and from Houston, Texas two weekends ago.

The book is a faith-based approach to self-image written for an audience of teenage girls and Annie hits the nail on the head page after page. And while the voice might appeal to teenagers, I found myself at 29 identifying still with so many of the issues that Annie addresses. And wishing desperately that someone had handed me a copy of this book when I was 14. Or 18. Her tone is conversational and engaging…because I have the privilege of knowing Annie personally, I pictured her curled up on the other end of my couch telling me everything that was written (sound of her voice included.) However, I think anyone who reads “From Head To Foot” could easily imagine they were at coffee with a friend or mentor chatting instead of reading. She doesn’t avoid the difficult stuff, but doesn’t make it awkward either. And with endless stories of hilarious embarrassment and such from both her own past and the lives of her friends, you are thoroughly entertained from page one until the last.

And did I mention the appendix has recipes, suggested playlists and even some interactive stuff you can cut out? Because it does. And the best part, in my opinion, is that there is even a leader’s guide so the book can be used as a youth group/small group/Bible study/Sunday School curriculum for teen girls. I know a few of you readers have been involved in youth leadership from time to time, and I highly recommend this if you’re looking for new material! And, there’s another X next to my reading goal!

Question: What do you wish someone had told you/given you/suggested you read as a teenager?


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