Hey friends.  Well, I am not exactly in a place where I can redecorate my house but I sure feel like it.  So instead, I am redecorating the blog.  Its way cheaper but not necessarily less time consuming.  You would not believe how many hours it has taken me to figure out how to shift the little pieces of this website around.  As I told my husband last night, I really wish I hadn’t stopped paying attention to how the internet works in 8th grade.  Because in 6th grade, I was a little html wiz kid.  I could add a custom bullet or make some flashing text with the best of ’em.  Unfortunately the web has progressed quite a bit since then.  DIGRESS, anyway, back to re-decorating.

Bethany’s talk of home tours is right up my alley this week.  B – what do you think?  Can we get a little preview here?  I don’t think I’ve seen any pics of your main floor post-reno.  One shot of particular interest to me would be the famed photo wall.

I am planning some re-decorating of my front walk way though.  Maybe I’ll get on that.  I do have a gardening list item, and even though the last frost date here in CO is an entire MONTH from now, I might go ahead and risk it.  Ca-RAZY.

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3 responses to “RE-Decorating!!”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    Thanks for jazzing things up on the blog, MH! I’m so thankful you’re good at all that!

    I can vouch for Mary-Hall’s former HTML geniusness. I have a vivid memory of sitting at the computer with her in the hallway of the house in downtown at age 14 watching with awe while she speedily crafted GeoCities websites for each of us, referring only occasionally to various codes printed on a sheet of printer paper…the kind that was attached together accordian style with the perferated edges that you had to tear off….

    As for the house, I promise a post this weekend on the updates. I’m thinking we won’t finish cleaning/doing projects until Friday morning, so I’ll take photos then and get a post done on Saturday so you all can take your own tour of our home. 🙂

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