My Week: Snot and Flowers

So, remember my awesome running training schedule?  I’ve changed it up a bit in the last week.

You’ll have to click on that to be able to read it but let me summarize:  basically, in the past 9 days, I’ve accomplished the production of a lot of snot.  Sorry to be so GRAPHIC but I’m beyond over being sick.  This is a fun side effect of living with a toddler – frequent familial sickness.  UGGGHHH!  Let me also point out my personal best 4.0 mile run on Monday which I am blaming for a relapse.  One upside:  I had to spend a lot of today on the phone and I believe everyone was being extra nice to me and doing whatever I asked because they felt sorry for me.  Win!

Alas, the week was not an entire waste.  I did renovate my front walk.  Here’s a very old “before” shot.  The pic’s about 3 years old and so most of the vines shown had long since died.. So imagine they are 80% dead, plus imagine 4 small, completely dead bushes, and that is a more representative “before” image.  Think scorched earth.

So, being quite sick of this unwelcoming entrance, I forced myself to just go to Lowe’s and buy some plants.  And then plant them in the pots I purchased a year ago for this exact purpose.  Bang.  Done.

Now, time will only tell if these end up having to count as my “vegetable garden” list item.  Just in case, the middle pot has a cilantro plant in it.  At least that’s something edible, if not exactly vegetable.

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2 responses to “My Week: Snot and Flowers”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    Don’t worry. My current mile times still make you look great, even sitting on the couch.

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    Awww. sad. I’ve missed a few days as well and felt a little bad about myself because of it. Your front walk however, looks amazing! So proud!

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