Foto Friday – Episode 15

Every week I think I’ve run out of Foto Friday material, and then I realize I’m very wrong. There’s always more!

Today’s Foto comes from our 3rd summer in college, when we were single ladies sharing an apartment for the summer. You know, the apartment with 6 cheap futons and a sketchy pool scene.  I know you’ve been there too.

It was a very memorable summer, one of those where time seemed a bit slower. We did lots of stuff. And apparently, we went out for a lovely night of mini-golf!

Naturally I was the score keeper.

Requisite comment on the status of my hair: I’m recovering from a $6 haircut I got from a no-English Chinese barber who had clearly never cut non-Chinese hair. I think he was trying to cut the wavy part off… So he just kept chopping. My eyes kept getting wider and wider, all along hoping he somehow had a great plan. He didn’t.

I should point out that even with the terrible haircut, a little extra fluff in the face from eating all that Chinese food, and a rather questionable fashion sense (i.e. My Eclectic-Traveling-Backpacker Phase), I still met my husband that summer.  Which brings us to our next artifact, which only Bethany and possibly our other roommate Jessica will appreciate:

This sign hung in our apartment and served to remind us all against the constant pressure to “settle”.  The “Tre” thing is a reference to the Three Qualities which are possessed by the Perfect Boyfriend.  I believe one of them was “Does not smoke pot”.  #2 was something like “Is SURE he likes me”.  Bethany will have to remind me about the other one.  And in the end, we all succeeded because we’re all three married and I don’t believe any of the husbands smoke pot.

OMG the timing.  Its 4/20.  Happy 4/20 folks.  Remind me to leave work early tomorrow to avoid the enormous traffic jam this event will cause around 5pm in Boulder.



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One response to “Foto Friday – Episode 15”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    Yessssssss! This is awesome! For the record, we were mini-golfing with Mary-Hall’s church group so I don’t know any of the people in these photos besides Mary-Hall.

    Also, the three requirements were:
    1) The boy had to like you. (Both Jess and I had had problems liking boys who didn’t like us. For instance, just that summer, a boy I liked had shown up at a party at our apartment….with his girlfriend. Cue the sad music.)
    2) You had to like the boy. (All of us had, at one point or another, been persued by someone we weren’t the least bit interested in.)
    3) The boy could not smoke pot. (Um…..I might have had a situation where I liked a boy, who liked me….but who, I found out, yes…smoked pot. Sigh.)

    You’d think that it would be easy to find boys who liked us, who we liked who were of upstanding moral character, however only Mary-Hall succeeded in finding one that summer. And then she married him. But have no fear, Jess and I found our men as well….just s few years later. 🙂

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