A deadline is a deadline is a deadline

Last night as I was re-reading my post (I always do that after I post to make sure nothing is weird) I noticed off to the side where Mary-Hall has added a fun little feature tracking our deadlines.  And it looked like this.

Where has the time GONE!?

We launched this blog on January 1st, 2012 which gave me 8 months and 2 weeks, and Mary-Hall 8 months and a week and 2 days to accomplish our lists.  Now we’re both at 3 months!?  What the heck!  Where has the time GONE?  So of course I clicked over to check out my list and I realized that I’ve only finished 6 things.  SIX THINGS!  That’s it!  That means I have 24 to go!  Yikes!  Of course 3 of those are multi-part goals, and I’m doing well on all of those, but yikes!  That still leaves alot to do.

I’d hoped I’d get the chair re-upholstered and the master closet organizer stained before the home tour this past weekend, but alas, neither project was completed.  Hopefully, I’ll have some free time soon to finish them.  I have however accomplished some things not on my list such as find dining room chairs (they have eluded me for over a year now, and I finally found the perfect ones at PD’s in Franklin!) and perform the song “Memory” with Jeri Sager who played Grizabella the cat in CATS on Broadway for years.  So those are both fun things.  But seriously.  Sister has to get crackin’ on some stuff!  August 14 will be here before I know it!

One thing I will get to check off soon is #2 as the 1/2 marathon is NEXT SATURDAY!  Crazyness!  I’ll do 11 miles today…which will bring my total training mileage up to 153.2 miles!  That’s madness!  My legs have run 153.2 miles since I started on 1/1/12!  That’s almost the equivalent of running from my house in Nashville, Tennessee to Birmingham, Alabama!  Whew!

My iPhone game fast is still going well, and I’m learning how to take care of actual finger nails instead of nubs.  As far as my weight goes, I’m fairly certain I’ve put a good bit of the weight back on, but I’m refusing to weigh in until after the 1/2 marathon.  🙂  Maybe I’ll lose the rest of my 10 pounds training for my sprint tri.  Holey moley…what have I gotten myself into!?

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2 responses to “A deadline is a deadline is a deadline”

  1. maryhalljohnson says :

    Be comforted – our deadlines are actually 3 months and 2-3 weeks away. So..that helps. I’m still planning a list-item checkoff blitz though.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      True. Wish the counter was a little more specific. haha. We’ll both be blitzing our way through May and June and July I do believe. And I don’t even want to think about the first 9/14 days of August. Scurry time! haha.

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