Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Half Marathon

Besides a great deal of muscle soreness, I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment as I sit down to write this post.  I’ve been dreaming for months now about the day that I get to write this post….the one that I’m writing now about having checked #2 off my list…and now as I’m here, I’m sort of at a loss of what to write.  If you need a refresher, the goal was:

2. Run (complete) a 1/2 marathon

And yesterday I did just that.

At the start line! Excited and ready to run!

I put one foot in front of the other for an entire 13.1 miles to cross the finish line and collect my medal.  It is possibly the greatest sense of accomplishment I’ve ever had.  I was really proud of my self for several reasons:

1) I crossed the finish line.  No quitting, no injuries…I did the entire 13.1 miles and finished the race.

2) I ran the first 12 miles without stopping.  Although The furthest I’d run in training was 10 miles, the furthest I’d gone without stopping to walk was only 5 miles.  Yesterday I made it all the way across the 12 mile marker before I broke my stride and walked.  And I didn’t walk for long….just about 1/2 a mile, and then I ran the last .6 miles….including an all-out-i-had-no-idea-my-body-could-move-that-fast sprint to the finish.

3) I finished in less than 3 hours.  My pace was slow, and my time wasn’t the 2:30 finish I’d been hoping for, but still…I finished in less than 3 hours, which quite honestly, probably should have been my goal from the beginning.  🙂

Here are my official results from the race website:

My official race results as they appear on the website!

The other part of the experience that was completely overwhelming was the support that I got!  I had an amazing “pit crew” that was on the sidewalk cheering at mile 5, mile 7 and as I crossed the finish line consisting of my amazing husband, my mom, and friends Amy and Hannah, (and Gracie and Marley…Mom’s and Amy’s dogs! haha.)  Plus, other great friends Amanda, Elizabeth, Emily, Rebecca and Keely were also cheering from the sidewalk at miles 6, 7 and 11.5.  I also saw two other friends along the way unexpectedly which was fun!  Having people you know cheering for you on the sidewalk really keeps you going!  Also, my Facebook friends were out in (virtual) full-force as were my Twitter followers.  You guys were amazing!  My Nike+GPS program posted to Facebook when I started my run, and I got 53 cheers before my phone died at mile 11! I was also blown away by all the texts and phone calls and general love I received from family and friends.  I felt like the luckiest competitor in the entire race.

So here are a few photos….I know you’re all wanting proof that I actually did this….

First time to see my family on the course! Just passed the Mile 5 marker and feeling great!!

Quick hugs from my pit crew at Mile 5....Amy, Marley the doggie and my sweet Mom!

Passing my sweet Hubby at Mile 7....still feeling pretty great....but the run up 12th Avenue South (my beloved neighborhood) is a tough one! Mean-old-deceptively-steep incline!

The finish line!!! I'm in the sea of people....but difficult to spot! So happy to be finished!

Amy, Marley and I grab a quick photo with my Mom and friends Hannah and Drew in the finish line parking lot. For some reason, the dog looks more exhausted than I do....musta been all that barking and tail wagging at the runners!

Drew and I show off our finisher medals....clearly we were not on the same page about coordinating facial expressions. 🙂 So proud of us Drew!!!

Keith (husband), me and my Momma in the finish line parking lot. So very thankful for these two and all they sacrificed to make my day special. I love you both!

I still can’t believe that I finished.  It seems so surreal that 4 months of training paid off and I’ve completed my goal!   Thanks for following along on my running journey from it’s start until now.  Is anyone ready to train for a Sprint Length Triathalon?  I hope so….because that’s next in my world of new-found athleticism.

P.S. My mom was the true hero of the weekend….she logged about 15 hours in the car in 2 days to pick me up from an out of town gig, drive me back to Nashville so I could run, cheered me on, and then drove me back to my gig when the race was over.  Thank you Momma!  I love you!


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9 responses to “Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Half Marathon”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Thanks for the sweet “hero” comment, but my footwork on the gas pedal didn’t compare to your footwork on the asphalt! You inspired me! I am so grateful for having been included in your exciting weekend, hearing the band play and having the opportunity to cheer you on at the race. Loved the “captive audience” time to “visit” while riding in the car to and from Outback America. Thanks again to Keith for all the planning and driving around N’ville to get us to see you run. Love you both!

  2. Alexis Ward says :

    SO proud of you!!

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