Space….The Final Frontier

Today I played my first iPhone game in 35 days! My 30 day fast began on April 3rd….but I got confused and thought it was the 7th.  So I didn’t play any games until today.  And then I wasted a few hours on Angry Birds Space.  And didn’t feel one bit guilty. And yes….it is my “Final Frontier” as I have earned all 3 stars on every single level of the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons.

My husband leaned over today as I was blasting space pigs with space birds and asked if I’d missed it.  If I’d missed my silly phone games.  And as I gave pause to consider, I realized I hadn’t.  Not really.

While I did have a few weak moments, like when I was waiting in the dentist’s office the other day, or waiting in an eternally long line at the post office where I was tempted to pull up a game ap to pass the time, for the most part I didn’t even think about it.

Keith’s question made me think though about what I had spent all that time on….time I otherwise would have wasted on silly video games and I realized its been quite a productive 35 days.  For example, I’m almost completely caught back up on my Bible reading.  I started my next book in my read-a-book-a-month-goal.  (Nope…not telling what it is….you’ll have to wait until I finish it and review it.)

In short, I used my time to accomplish things that matter.  That called my brain to think and my spirit to process important things.  In so many ways this whole blog project has called me to use my time more wisely.  I feel like I’m in this fertile season of spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth and that I’ve been eliminating the fluff from my life and pouring into the things that matter.  That make life sweeter and richer.  Saint Iranaeus once said that “The Glory of God is man fully alive.” (John Eldredge’s “Waking the Dead” is a great book on the topic) and I feel such a strong pull to fully live every moment of my life on earth.  I don’t want to squander the time the Lord has given me here!

Somehow, I’ve gotten from iPhone games to life purpose in one blog post…so I want to clarify something.  I don’t think that silly diversions are evil.  I’m certainly not erasing my games from my phone.  I think that they can absolutely be a fun way to pass the time.  But my fast has taught me to prioritize the time I have and how I spend it and how to draw a boundary between fun and wasteful.

And…I’m thrilled to check another item off the list!   Bye bye #29!

29. One week 30 days! of no iPhone games

Question: What is your “time suck?”  Television? Internet? Video Games? How do you keep it in check?


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