10. Wear eyeliner

This weekend was my 5-year wedding anniversary. We’re celebrating with a big trip this summer, but in the meantime, a nice dinner out (sans child) was just perfect.  I wanted to roll one of my list items into this somehow, so I thought:

“Ah, of course, I could wear eyeliner.

I am 29 and I’ve never worn any eyeliner, at least not that anyone could actually see.  Thus #10 on my list.  But my next thought was:

“Eek, I’ll end up at a nice dinner with my husband looking like a 6th grader who got into mama’s makeup drawer.”

I have a sense that proper eyeliner application requires some practice.  Next thought:

“I’ll just get someone at my hair salon to do it for me.”

Next thought:

“oooh.. but then my professional makeup will look bad with my unprofessional hair.”

And the obvious solution to that problem is:


So, I got my hair AND makeup done at the salon.  Wahoo!  The hair part was a first as well.  I’ve never before paid someone to fix my hair  – not for prom, never as a bridesmaid or even my own wedding.

Honestly the makeup part probably wasn’t really worth the $25.  But the hair part was.  My hair’s been awesome since Saturday.  Although I guess I’ll have to wash it tomorrow.  (YES, DISCLOSURE TO THE WORLD WIDE WEB: I wash my hair as infrequently as possible.)  And the eyeliner?  Dang, it was some little tub of stuff applied with a brush and I bet it took 2 minutes per eye.  So yes, practice required.  And I found it to be slightly itchy.  But #10 is done and done.

#10. Wear eyeliner.

Let’s go ahead and claim this one too:

#XX. Have great hair for 4 days straight.

I can’t say I’ll make the eyeliner a regular habit.  I am trying to be more conscious of wearing a little blush or lipgloss here and there, but this mostly manifests itself in me realizing I forgot about it when I’m already halfway to work.

ps. The next day I had a minor allergic reaction after putting my contacts in, so I guess I was allergic to either the eyeliner or the mascara.  No biggie.   Real allergic reactions land me at urgent care getting cortizone shots.

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3 responses to “10. Wear eyeliner”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    Yessss! You look beautiful! I love it. And eyeliner is totally an area where we’re similar….I didn’t wear it until I was 24 and a 15 year old gave me a makeover and taught me how to wear it. I know. Sad. But she totally knew what she was doing. If you do decide to get crazy, might I suggest you invest in this eyeliner and brush? It’s totally worth the money to get the good stuff and do it right.



    and I LOVE your hair! It’s come a long way since the post-China era. haha.

  2. Sangeetha says :

    Love it! I’m really ham-handed when it comes to eyeliner, but now I use Clinique Kohl Shaper and that’s helped. It’s really soft, so it’s easy to get on there. Then I use a tiny little brush to sort of smudge/soften it. Hope that helps. =)

  3. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    I’m sure I’ve worn eyeliner before….once or twice….sometime….maybe….

    I also believe that not washing my hair every day is just about the best thing ever. I’m going on four days right now. 😉

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