3 Month Warning!!

Its 5/9/12.  Three months left.  Time for an overall status update.  I stole Bethany’s format from February and one-upped it a bit.  Can’t wait to see how she tops this next week.  First I re-did the color scheme making it more logical and less visually pleasing.

Here are the stats.

  • List Items Completed – 8 (27%)
  • List Items w/ Multiple Parts Partially Completed (Xs)- 8 (27%)
  • List Items Begun in Some Form or Fashion – 2 (7%)
  • List Items I Haven’t Spent Any Time On – 11 (37%)
  • List Items that are Still Blank – 1 (3%)

And here’s the latest on every single item:

Goal Progress
1. Make cinnamon rolls Done! We already ate all 7 pans out of the freezer too.
2. Cook for an entire week
from scratch
Done! That was a fun week. I’m still trying to rely on less pre-packaged food.
3. Grow vegetable garden So far I have a cilantro, a basil, and a strawberry plant.  Yes, i realize none of those are vegetables.
4. Crochet this one pattern I’ve worked through the pattern 2.5 times.  #1 was terrible.  #2 was better.  High hopes for #3.
5. Sew an apron Still haven’t started.
6. Take ballroom dancing lessons. Done! Would still love to go to some more classes though.
7. Figure out how to make my camera focus Planning 30 pictures in 30 days in June.
8. Read one book per month So far so good.
9. Get a pedicure Gonna do this for our big island vacation (#14)
10. Wear eyeliner Done!
11. New hairstyle Done!
12. Get ears pierced. Still planning to.
13. Figure out what kind of wine I like This should be fun.
14. Go to Caribbean island. Plane tickets purchased!
15. Weekend trip to Moab. Ugh. May weekends are completely book. Maybe mid-June?
16. Take the train to somewhere. Wonder if we can take the train to Moab?
17. Take Ransom camping. Pumped about this.  He’s gonna LOVE it.
18. Finish reading all the way through the Bible. I’m in the Gospels now.
19. Hang up family photos. I’ve been gathering some stuff together but not much progress.
20. Clean out closets, dressers, drawers, etc. Some progress here too.
21. Finish upholstering couch. DONE! And we’ve yet to spill red grape juice on it, although I’m sure its inevitable.
22. Run the BolderBoulder 10K. My training schedule has suffered some serious setbacks but I’m workin’ at it.
23. Make a life list. I am the perennial list maker.
24. List something on Etsy. No progress besides the interview with Etsy seller / friend Laura.
25. Write a children’s book. Yikes. At this rate my children’s book is going to be drawn in highlighter on a paper napkin.
26. Learn to play Wagon Wheel. Have totally fallen off that wagon.
27. Go to the dentist. DONE! Well, visit #1 is done and visit #2 is scheduled for Thursday.  PUMPED UP!!
28. TOP SECRET!!! #28 exists but its a secret.  SSSSHHH!! And its taking up all my time.  And its not really that fun.
30. Start a new blog. DONE! This is my 51st post.

Blank List Item:

What is #29 gonna be? What is the one thing missing from this list? HMMMM.  I’m torn between something to do with personal finance and something to do with eating less dessert.


Being so goal-oriented has resulted in several random other accomplishments which I will document now:

  • Drank a mimosa.  (Tastes like fizzy weak orange juice.)
  • Got hair done.
  • Wore several dresses/skirts to work.
  • Mixed a custom shade of toenail polish.

Nerdy Progress Plot:

This is to show you in a graphical way just how behind I am.  That green triangle is should be quite a bit fatter by now.



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3 responses to “3 Month Warning!!”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    I heart colorful Excel plots…it’s the only thing that got me through my PhD.

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    your list is much more concise than mine was. and I love that you added a graph. of COURSE you added a graph. sigh. 🙂 We totally have this however. It’s GO-time!

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