An Updated “State” of Affairs

It’s already happened once or twice.  My one-week iPhone game fast became a 30 day fast; Mary-Hall upped the ante on taking her son to the children’s museum.  And today, I’m making an amendment to one of my list items:

5. Visit a new state

And just to keep it interesting, here’s a picture of a map of the US.  The states I’ve visited are in light blue, and the states I have yet to visit are in the dark blue highlighter color.

All the places in light blue are states I have never visited!!!

As you can see, the North Mid/West needs a little love as does the very Northeast.  And Arizona who is clearly feeling left out.  But back to the events at hand.  How am I revising this list item? I’m adding a clause to #5 so that it now reads….

5. Visit a new state OR major city

It’s not that there aren’t plenty of states left for me to visit….it’s just that most of them aren’t exactly near to me and I don’t really have a reason to visit any of them (hence the reason they have remained un-visited by me to this day) thus making visiting a new state a tricky and potentially expensive proposition.  So the added clause opens the playing field a bit.  For instance, I’ve been to Georgia many times including a trip to Atlanta just this past weekend.  But I’ve never been to Savannah and I’ve always wanted to go there.  So that could totally be an option to fulfill my #5.  And I don’t think that’s a cop-out.  I think it’s a perfectly legitimate adaptation of the original list item. Here are some major U.S. Cities I’ve never visited that I’d love to see:  (the * designates a two-fer……a new city AND state!)

Los Angeles, California

Savannah, Georgia

Boston, Massachusetts*

Phoenix, Arizona*

Anchorage, Alaska*

I do find it mildly amusing that I’ve visited a new country this year, but not a new state.

I’m open to suggestions.  Where should I visit?

ADDENDUM:  Husband pointed out after having read this post that I’ve also been to Virginia…..SO…..there’s that.  🙂

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6 responses to “An Updated “State” of Affairs”

  1. vivagood says :

    Well my vote is obvious. Check out LA when you come to visit us in San Diego. It’s just a 2 hour drive. 🙂

    • Momma Daniel says :

      Why, you didn’t list “Water Valley, MS!” Now can you honestly say you’ve really VISITED Water Valley, MS??? Well, no worry, Daddy and I visited that for you a year or so ago – not particularly unforgettable, except I believe that a record-size crappie was caught there – with a large sign commemorating the occasion.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Yesssss. This needs to happen! LA here we come!

  2. maryhalljohnson says :

    I think the selection of a city is a wise move. Once August and I drove to Wyoming because the stateline only an hour from here, and it was pretty awful. The southeastern corner of Wyoming is very unspectacular. Alternately, fly out to Denver and I’ll drive you to the southwestern corner of Nebraska, which would be a first for both of us!!

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